Incorrect EotS record on armory profile

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Greetings fellow adventurers and Game Masters.

Just wanted to bring attention to the fact that the Eye of the Storm record on my PvP page of the armory that shows all records for the different battleground done in RBGs is definitely incorrect. It shows me as 0-35 all-time in there. And while many could and have accused me of being bad, I know for a fact I have not lost 35/35 games in EotS. If anything at the least I've won/loss half of them. I know for a fact that I've won a few because of winning strats I've tried out with my group and successfully executing them. All other records seem to be accurate, other than the EotS record.

I know in the grand scheme of things it means absolutely squat and it hardly matters if at all. However, all bugs should come to the surface to be recognized; no matter how petty.
(unsure if it's happening/happened to any of the people I ran the RBG with or anyone else)

Thank you, and may the Fel be with you.
Same here. I am undefeated in EoTS but the armory shows me as completely defeated. Multiple tickets and they say its just a display issue on the website and won't fix it.
Won't fix it? What's the point of keeping a feature that doesn't work? Why would you knowingly keep up incorrect info on a feature when the sole purpose of the feature it is to inform? duhfuq

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