{A}<Lies and Deceit> LF 1 Tank For Core 10!

Good morning!

I am the guild leader for Lies and Deceit. Through internal discussion we have decided to start our own core 10 man raiding team and are currently in need of one tank. Our current tank is a Warrior and I am looking for any other tank class to fill in the second spot. We have solid dps and three well geared healers ready to go!

As an added incentive, we currently do not have a Paladin in the guild. I would appreciate the Paladin buffs to the raid, but I am absolutely confident in any tank we can recruit whether it be Monk, Druid, DK, etc.

I am also willing to add a Rogue to the guild as we do not have one currently.

Our raid time is Tuesday from 5 p.m. ST to 9 p.m. ST. A second night is being decided, but we are also running ToT LFR to continue gear progression. If you are interested please respond here or find either myself, Hollwyn, Rutremar, or Akrapovick!

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