WTS Full Gold Challengemode Xmog/mount/title

Selling full 9/9 gold challenge mode clear. Our team has the fastest challenge mode times on the server, play with us on your own toon while learning all our strats for your alts and guild mates ;)

You will receive...

A set of class specific transmog (http://www.wowhead.com/guide=1523#gold-reward-transmog-gear)
Dungeon teleports for each one completed (http://www.wowhead.com/guide=1523#gold-reward-teleport)

One out of the 4 Pandaren Phoenix Mounts (http://www.wowhead.com/guide=1523#silver-reward-mount)

Title: The Undaunted (http://www.wowhead.com/guide=1523#bronze-reward-title)


- You will need Skype (you don't need a mic).
- You need to bring your own food/flask/dps potions (we will give you Invisibility Potions)
- Your gear must be at least ilvl 463 in each slot (Or close to it)
- Be prepared to stay for 3-4 hours (Runs may be a lot quicker, depends on the group)
- You must have completed all the Heroic dungeons at least once (Or the game won't let you enter challenge mode)

You can contact me in game or add my Real ID.
1 more dps spot available for this Wed, first carrys going cheap
Doing more carrys this week, message me for a spot.
I get free carrys coz im bad yes?
^ Absorber wants his money
^ Absorber wants his money

Not after he disenchanted my mog gear night before right in front of me :( I was sad!

Bump for this CM team they are good!
Yes Thank you very much was great fun and nice Times :) these guys are really good if your looking for a 9/9 Gold for Challenge modes cheers again guys

Great run with some AMAZING players. Fun and relaxed. definite 10/10 and HIGHLY recommended!

I am transferring to this server on Monday and would be fully willing to take you up on the offer. ill msg u
Very affordable, great group, fast runs, including a 19th US/56th world finish in Mogu'shan Palace. Definitely recommend for anyone thinking about doing it.
Glad you enjoyed it ;)
Some sick stuff these lads do. Had a blast and tore it up!!!
Wondering are you guys still selling?
I would also be interested if you are for 2 toons.

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