Stanima means nothing as a priest, or no?

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Ok, I;m a lvl 28 shadow priest. Whisch item would be better iyo.

An off hand item with 7 intelligence.
An off hand item with 5 intelligence and 9 stanima.

I've read stanima doesn't mean anything on a shadow priest, but it does give you hp, and I would be trading in 2 intel for 9 stan. So what do you think?
I know it's only 2 intellect, but I'd go with the higher one. Intellect helps the power of your spells, meaning your damage/heals will hit for more per spell. You shouldn't be getting hit very often as a caster so the extra hit points from the stamina isn't as beneficial. The more damage you can dish out the faster things die.

Edit - actually Illucia makes a great point. Personally, I always went with higher intellect over stamina. I didn't get hit too often and I was usually healing others so I wanted my heals to heal for more per spell.
It really depends on how much you find yourself taking damage and whether or not you think you need the extra health. I personally would take the item with stamina just because you're barely going to notice the extra 2 intellect at all, but you're gaining a good bit of health.

Generally though, most gear will have a large amount of stamina in addition to all the more important stats, so other than with lower level gear like this, you'll never really have to sacrifice stamina for more beneficial stats like Intellect.
Yeah I'm leveling herbalism and inscription on my character as I go. I get all these rare inks but the only thing i can make with them is off hand items or darkmoon cards. The problem is the off hand items are generally much better than the off hand items i can find, but while the darkmoon items are good for their level, by the time I have enough inks for those items the gear I get in game is about the same.
Don't mean to pry, but that's why i take 2 gathering professions while leveling. Chances are, you're not going to actually make your own equipment while leveling. You just level to fast. If you take 2 gathering professions, you can just sell things instead of making things and using them for 2 levels.
That's the problem. For twinks, the darkmoon items are very strong, but for someone who is leveling they suck. On the other hand, the off hand items you can make are very strong even for your level. You make an off hand item and you won't find a better piece for like another 15 levels through quests or dungeons.

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