LF An RP-PvP Realm...

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Any suggestions...?
Check out the server Ravenholdt, we have a small but very friendly community, and I really think you might like it. You do not state if you wish to remain Horde or switch to Alliance, or how much rp you wish to do.


We are CRZ free. It is enabled but not forced on us like the other servers. Also east coast, but there are plenty of us on in the evenings. I live on West coast and I enjoy the peace and quiet while I level. PVP is not much of a problem as we are a smaller server and if you get into trouble you can ask for help.

Come and check it out and join /rp on Alliance side to talk to me, or if you prefer Horde join /horde. Chat channels for the rpers is a good way to meet people.
The Scryers ruuuuules, We don't RP much. But PvP is all around
The Venture Co has a smaller, but tight-knit community. We have great communication between factions and hold fun WPVP events. Last weekend we had a Wintergrasp pvp event hosted by an alliance guild, The Gathering.

Both factions have several great guilds to choose from.

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