Warrior PvP?

After attempting Enhance and seeing it's lack of potential (In my opinion, not bashing enhance, just not my style so I don't put forth much effort) I'm think of turning my warrior into a PvP character.

How is it this season? Still good? 1v1 and duels good? Survivability?

Thanks :3
I would like to know this as well, as other parts of the game have been getting boring for me, and I have not PvPed since early BC.

How viable are we for PvP now, how's our mobility, our everything. Pretty much asking the same question as Iwasawa.
Despite what everyone here will tell you, we're okay. We're pretty sore about our nerf but we are playable and fun.

We have very high damage, but we are cursed with pretty poor survivability. Our mobility is about average, maybe a little better than most classes.

Warriors are plenty viable, but instead of having one in every 3's team, we've been replaced with Rogues and Death Knights, and are now the Rogues/Death Knights of last season.

If you want to be a "fotm roller", don't pick warrior. If you are a warrior and you love your class, don't be disheartened. We just have to adjust to a new playstyle.
With a healer it's one of the most fun classes you can play. Two thumbs up.
Without a healer it's one of the most frustrating classes you can play. Your DPS will be OK but you'll be dead too often to care. Pass.
They are fun as hell! I leveled mine a few weeks ago and I'm having a blast right now. Don't let the Swifty/Bajheera videos charm you though...they always have those massive fanboy healers behind them so they can go BG-Hero without dieing at all. You will be very sad if you want to take the Warrior path and hope that it will be that way for you too. Although, like Mag said, with a healer friend you will enjoy yourself like there's no tomorrow ;)
Very frustrating right now in PVP for all but possibly 3v3 Arena. In BGs your damage is eclipsed by 3 fold by almost all casters and melee. We are kited without mercy by almost everyone with a brain in BGs. As far as damage goes, outside of cool downs it is very mediocre. Against geared classes it is an uphill battle to make a significant dent in their health bar before you are rooted off or they are healed back up. After the last round of nerfs we are near the bottom when it comes to 1v1 performance.

I have seen prot warriors doing well in duels but you need top end gear to do so.

Honestly right now the warrior is for the tough and hearty. It is a class that you need to dedicate lots of effort to do well on most pvp fronts. Since you already have a shaman (so do I) that is also a class in the same baot as the warrior I would say NO. Roll up a DK for melee or hunter, mage, spriest for caster if you really want to max your fun in BG play.
its not really all that bad the playstyle is alot different in bgs and arenas, our bleeds are way better and if you spread them like a dk does dots you can run up your damage and increase survivability, slams>heroic strike and the tfb rework is alot better then it was imo. you see more consistent dmg and Burst is still good.

We're below the middle of the pack. We're viable, though not top comp worthy.

If you want to know just check the armory ladders

We're below the middle of the pack. We're viable, though not top comp worthy.

If you want to know just check the armory ladders

Those ladders are filled with FOTM re rollers playing with the new toys... Warriors die faster but still wreck havoc!
[quote]Warriors die faster but still wreck havoc!

Warriors wreck havoc...with a healer. You forgot that part "healer" part. I honestly don't know how a warrior who goes into a game without a healer following him around can look at all the other classes and say we're perfectly fine. You either think other classes need to be toned down, which means we're not fine, or you think we need a little boost, which again means we're not fine.

I can play my hunter and really cause some havoc without a healer.

But even saying we're fine as long as we have a healer is stupid too because who doesn't wreak havoc with a healer?
the warrior class has been nurfed so bad you have to hide behind a shield to survive most one on one fights. if you look at our talent tree the second to the best level is designed to keep your healer alive. healers do just fine on thier own. why does blizzard push us this way? Anyone with a averge play ability can beat a warrior one on one in a fair fight. Just make sure you have your healer, or are prepared to die easier then any other class without one.
roll a dk

you will have more ultitlies, much better desirability for RBG, better survivability as UH, better group pressure via dots, and comparable overall damage as arms war just minus shifty macro cd

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