Hi there!. We tailors would like to have a bag pattern that uses Just wind wool cloth please. I know what your thinking that it is just me asking for it to make money...That's not it. I have a lot of cloth that sits in my bank at the moment and nothing to craft. We have PVP patterns yes but oddly enough ...I don't PVP.
I was wondering if it would be possible to make a say 24 slot bag. Wrath gave us Frostweave 20 slot green quality...blue (7 day CD) Glacials that are 22, Cata gave Embersilk 22( and the mats of 15 bolts with 15 hypnotic dust for a green bag are a bit high IMO),
So the theme here is we stood still on bag slots....Then we jumped right to an Epic bag in Mop 28 slots that use 12 Imperial Silk.
I do not think it's to much to ask to have this one small thing that might set to right the current Crazy prices of bags so It would make it easier when asked by my Guild-mates if I could craft them a bag between the 22's they have and the 28 Royal.(Since the Imperial Silk is BOP and they cannot provide me that mats or in some cases afford to pay for 12 days worth of a CD to make the Royal.
Thanks so much From myself and my guild Mercenaries for Hire- Borean Tundra
Also meant for original Post was Does blizzard plan on updating the Backpack slots to someting more reasonable than 16? When we first start out the backpack grows in size and stops at 16 slots. It is in bad need of more updated space..... If not the update to slots maybe you can make it so we can Take it off and replace it with a bag of our own. Thanks again
Blizzard doesn't respond to posts on the professions forums as a general rule, I also believe it is against the ToS to request a blue post, but not positive.

A windwool cloth bag has been requested numerous times in the past 6 months, and possibly during the beta also. If it hasn't happened yet, it probably isn't going to anytime soon. I believe there was a blue post early on identifying that ever increasing storage space was not an ideal solution to the issue, hence my thinking that the lack of a cheap bag was intentional.

Finally, the 16-slot backpack has also been discussed by blues at length. The issue is that the size of the bag was hard coded into the game when it was first implemented. To change the bag size now would require re-coding some core elements of the game, which tends to unintentionally break other aspects of the game. As such, there are no plans to increase the size of the bag at this time, though Blizzard is aware of the issue.
I see. As i read the forum rules after posting I editing the title.... As to this being discussed before over the last six months I looked (via search bar on tailoring posts) into the last 50 posts that had anything with tailoring into them =and did not find anything with a similar subject about bags.
I do not use the forums nor do i read them on a reg basis. So it is possible I did something wrong in my search ...My guild Mates and Myself thought it might be OK to ask these questions here . Apparently that's a no...
Why are frostweave bags still ridiculously priced?
Why are frostweave bags still ridiculously priced?

Scarcity of cloth prolly.

OP: If they make regular windwool bags, they'd have to use some other mats to be comparable to bags from other xpacs which will make it a pain for non-altoholic players.
the high slot # bags have always been comparatively exorbitant to buy and time consuming to craft!
the high slot # bags have always been comparatively exorbitant to buy and time consuming to craft!


You know this thread is 5 months old. The OP could've crafted over a dozen bags by now and made bank.

Not a good idea to necro old threads without pertinent information.

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