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Recently I did a faction change. I was able to get back to Pandaria but I am unable to get to Thunder Isle. The portal does not allow me to click on it. Also, I did not receive the quest to start it either. I did google the issue and the only other instance I found was this http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6891639101 however, there does not appear to be a solution yet. Any ideas?
Sorry if this question seems obvious, but did you go into the Shrine of Two Moons to see if the quest popped up for you? Also, did you complete the starting quests for the Horde side? If not, try going into Orgrimmar to begin.
No apology necessary! I welcome all ideas! The Shine of Two Moons did have some quests. Two were Elder Charm? quests and another took me to dailies for the walrus looking people.

As far as the starting quests for the Horde side, I only did enough to get to Pandaria. When I get home, I will do some more. I just fear that I will be stuck doing ALL of the Pandaria quests, which is something I hope I do not have to do to get to Thunder Isle.
Ghastic, you shouldn't have to complete all the Pandaria quests to open up the Isle. My advice is to put in a ticket to see what's going on. I'm almost certain it has to do with your faction-changing. Were you able to access the island before you faction-changed? Like I said, put in a ticket. Unfortunately, the wait times are rather long due to the new patch and other games that Blizzard runs. Maybe you'll get a CM here to post later on. Good luck!

ETA: The post from the CM on that particular thread said you needed to talk to someone in Krasarang Wilds. Have you done that?
From what I can see, Ghastic, it looks like you have the quests necessary for the portal to the Isle of Thunder to be available.

When you visit Townlong Steppes and click on the portal the Sunreavers have up does anything happen?

For the Jade Forest, much of the area is faction specific so you will need to complete a good number of them for everything to catch up on your new faction. General Nazgrim at Thunder Hold as well as a few others in the area should have quests for you that should get you on your way for that zone.
When I hover my mouse over the portal I do not get the cog wheel icon like other portals. I have been doing more of the first quests upon arriving in the Jade Forest, but they don't end....just more and more quests. I am currently on Swallowed Whole, I guess I will continue to do so.
I did a faction change today and am having the same issue. I've done all the intro quests again but can't access the portal and cant seem to find a quest to start the portal again. Any updates?

This happened on my character Dahz
Are you guys at the right portal by chance? For horde, the portal is South East of the Fight master, not north. :O
Are you guys at the right portal by chance? For horde, the portal is South East of the Fight master, not north. :O

omfg, +10 internets to you. That was it, so simple!

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