Noblegarden - Orc and Undead Females

If you are in need of an Orc or Undead female, for the Shake Your Bunny Maker this Noblegarden, I have those characters available. (Leveled them up for some guildmates)

They are logged out in the Mirror Orchard/Lake House where Morgaine the Sly spawns in Elwynn Forrest. (

You can message/in-game mail this toon, or either of the "Mogs" in the Star Onion Brigade (Mogknight/Mogtaru) and I'd be happy to help you out with setting up a meeting with them.

For this achievement you do need to have the Spring Flowers item, but it can be completed outside of the holiday time. So if you saved them from last year you can do this before the holiday starts.

Happy Noblegarden!
Just putting this up closer to the top of the list now that the holiday is starting tomorrow. :)
What Relm ?
The toons are on Cenarius. With CRZ this frequently encompasses other realms.

Additionally if you know any horde from your realm they can invite to get them to migrate to your realm, assuming they are of higher level (orc and undead are 18. I also have a 39 blood elf and a 90 tauren - Tauren is on Malygos)

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