techniques on improvin hit rates of shockwave

not talking about hit and expertise here. it's about atually successfully landing a shockwave on the target, not to mention that failing equates to a 40secs cd wastage

in pvp, im only having an average hit rate of 6/10 times cos the opponent is often moving ard so much. i find that jumping back a little trying to face the opponent and cast it only helps a little.

any tips?
There is not technique, unfortunately you almost have to back peddle to get people to follow you to line up a good SW. I know in PVE thats all I do, just grab aggro take 2 steps back and they funnel inline.
In PvP, it's straight up luck because of client-server latency. Not just yours, the other players as well.

While I understand why they did the change (Shockwave's always been kind of a ridiculous ability), it really does suck for both PvP and PvE. Oh well.
2 ways to make sure you hit them most of the time.

charge > shockwave

or Ph > shockwave,

The first one is pretty much guaranteed to land unless its a dk with ibf up or unless you have a serious lag spike, and the second is better if your trying to hit multiple targets.
Well, a snare would help a lot before attempting to use Shockwave on player that is strafing you or something.

When their location is lagging, any little root, stun, or fear effect that holds a player in place will show you their 'real' location. I know it's the reason way some rogues needed to use Distract on some players before they attack, because everything is out of range when it should connect. It's annoying, but it's the way it is.

Which ability's cooldown to sacrifice in order to do this is up to you and your situation (e.g. you may want to save Intimidating Shout or maybe by using it they may tirnket into your shockwave, or maybe you have Double time or another talent and the way the fight is going, the two or one changes won't be needed, or just throw a Cobalt Bomb at them outside of RBG/Arena. There is a lot happening and a lot to do, it's situational).

Abilites like Shockwave and Cone of Cold take time and experience to learn just how they work (e.g. When I began using Shockwave I discovered that it can also hit targets just behind your character).

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