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Hello all, I am looking to have some serious rpers on Moonguard for a project I came up with. I will give details in game. You must have a decent understanding of rp and be willing to devote a few hours a week at least to developing the story.

This is not a relationship rp or an evil story. If you are interested contact me in game with mail, or leave your name here so I can contact you. Please do not use those odd characters in your name!! A reroll on Moonguard is going to be required. I am willing to help with bags, cloth armor, runs through dungeons or whatever it takes. If you have characters on Moonguard you wish to use that are gathering dust and you have a blank slate for rp that is fine as well. Heirlooms are not necessary, but I do not object.
I do hope I can find someone soon, This will be with a character I am going to level and use in an rp storyline. I am open and willing to help you develop your character. This does not necessarily mean I am dictating what happens, I want a dynamic story with both people participating in the creative process.
*Grumble* Curious but its on Moon Guard...

Why Moon Guard ._.
*Grumble* Curious but its on Moon Guard...

Why Moon Guard ._.

/rocks self
Mainly because it is a good rp server with lots of activity. I have 90's here and heirlooms and gold support. I thought Ashoc was dead and buried? You want a new character to roll with and just a limited number of people to interact with?

I suppose I could do Cenarion Circle or Ravenholdt, I have 'looms those places too. But I really want someone who is willing to dedicate some time to this. I am not asking for daily and total commitment 24/7. Just a decent storyline adventure that is rped out and IC as much as possible. At least two to three hours at a time and maybe on a set schedule if you want. Say two to three days a week?
At least two to three hours at a time and maybe on a set schedule if you want. Say two to three days a week?

Set schedule would be all I could do so just find me in-game and we can discuss it. Also Ashy never died :3 He just went and got himself branded a traitor.
I have a couple in that guild, Ashoc, and room for another. If you are on now, well I am having some internet difficulties. The signal is really weak and Comcast is sending someone to investigate tomorrow. But I can log in and rp, I think.
On my monk right now and about to raid in an hour ish so just hit me up on mobile if I am on that.
Give some more details is ya woud, i can create an alliance character, and have full boa and some gold support. I'm a experianed roleplayer, been doing since about 15 and i'm 45, In the MUD known as "A moment in tyme" I actually taughter emote combat. I'm done alot of roleplaying, i only have one rule.. I do NOT Erp.

If interrested send Shasar a note. Or contact me here.

Off to bed.

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