Tauren Flash Mob

Wyrmrest Accord
Brought to you by the Thundering Herd, And bringing happiness to an alliance city near you!!!

Keep your eyes open we may be in your city next time!!!

Azriell - Center stage
Wachiwii - Back up dancer
Taurajo - Back up dancer

Earthmother watch over you.
The female tauren smiled at her two companions as they huddled in the brush near the Temple Gardens in Darnassus. She gave a curt nod and lept out of the bushes, startling a passing Night Elf. She smiled at him and began to dance, praying that her companions had followed her.
;) Darnassus was fun tonight. We seemed to get a pretty good reaction. Let's hope our next appearance goes as well as this one did!
Come back soon!
This is amazing.
...Oh, you guys... *facepalm* Much love!
All of this!
Coming to a city near you! Look out as we hit in Darnassus!
~After the commotion in Darnassus, a few fliers are left scattered about, but there is one that seems to catch the eye. It is stuck to a pillar near the Temple, stubbornly keeping it's place, even as a stray breeze threatens to whisk it away.~

To the citizens of Darnassus,
We'd like to thank you for your... Lukewarm... Welcome. We hope that, in the future, we will be better received and could perhaps entice you to dance with us. We look forward to introducing you to our two new members as well! Farewell for now, my friends! We shall return...with snacks!
Much Love,
The Tauren Flash Mob

Tonight was eventful, to say the least! We had many lulz and hope you did as well. Yes! You read correctly! We shall have two new moo's joining us on our next trip and we may set up a Livestream as well, so that you may all listen in on the Shenanigans! See you soon!
The Matriarch stretched and yawned, but is quickly startled by the sudden intrusion of a scout. Her voice is panicked and she quickly relays the current condition of the tribe. Kurshaw leaps up and races out of the tent.

At the edge of the campsite stands a small gathering of Kaldorei. They slowly nod to the Chieftess, who is still trying to wrap her head around why the elves would visit her tribe so boldly. Then... Suddenly... They begin to dance.


I leave you folks alone for one day. It was one day! XD Such shenanigans.
And they're not over! Teeheeheeheehee!!!
No pictures!?!?!?! I would have loved to see it.

Tonight! Follow us Live!


We may be heading to a city near you!!!!!!!

Tonight.... *Dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnn*
Here we go again! To night we storm Stormwind! ~See there... I made a Joke~
:Due to technical difficulties we are unable to bring the Flash Mob to any city tonight. We are very sorry.:
Omg...hit me up for this! Let there be MoooOOOoooo!!!!!

*makes like a tree(druid) and...leafs!!!*
I'd be honored to break dance with all of you. I got moves even I ain't heard of before.

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