Full Rage Bar Right Now

Brawler's Guild.

Dark Summoner.

I know the mechanics of the fight. Manage the adds, hit boss when you can. But holy hell, the adds can stack up quick. And I mean quick. It's always a ghost that gets me, I have yet to see the enrage.

This guy killed me eight times in a row last night and I'm not keen on a repeat performance tonight. Any tips on how to down him as a warrior would be great.

My DPS is at 45k at the end of every fight. I'm using my rotations and every CD I have when I can and it's appropriate. I'm using the potions you get from the vendor. So far the lowest I've gotten him was 47%.

The only good luck I was getting last night was watching a FotM Frost Mage die to the Murderaffe over and over again.
so far what i would suggest is to gem, reforge and enchant your gear properly and you will increase your dps

as for the strat i wont be able to help you there man. But perfecting your gear will help you

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