Disc PvP 5.2 HELP!

I'm just curious to see how other Disc priests are doing in the RBG scene. I just started doing them on this new account and I just feel like I cant put out the heals that other healers can put out. I'm always last on the scoreboard out of all the healers in the Bg.

- Is it my stats? im basically going for spirit and mastery in every piece. Then crit>haste.
- Is it the type of heal I'm using? I feel like when everyone in a Team fight starts droping my go to heal is just Prayer of healing and Flash heal. Throwing out some shields and penances.

I appreciate any help I can get. I'm assuming this is just a learn to play issue.
Stop caring about numbers and start caring about winning. Absorbs don't show up on the scoreboard, nor do a great many other important factors in determining which side wins.
Well you're always going to be last on scoreboard. The way to get a more accurate measure of your healing is using an add-on like skada or recount to check your own healing at the end of a match vs scoreboard. Once absorbs are factored in you should see a more accurate number.

Personally I've been holy for all my RBGs, but regardless of spec I would never recommend prayer of healing. If you need to pump out a lot of healing use spirit shell and spam flash heal and/or use power infusion and throw out bubbles.

Make sure before you're spamming flash or shields you have everything else on CD, such as penance, PoM, divine star, etc..
mastery got nerf. mastery does more for holy tho than it does for disc. the new stats for disc is crit. But crit works great with holy too. i rather see my serenity renew and mending crit more than for my "echo of light to heal more". If u must play disc try crit. With big burst in pvp u need big heals and big shields to compensate.
Try to avoid using flash heal unless you have spirit shell up because it chews through your mana use everything else in your tool kit first shields pen renews pom etc. Try to let the other healers top off people while you prevent them from taking damage.

If someone is getting focused use inner focus spirit shell and consume your smite stacks and hit them with 2 flash heals at reduced mana cost. Their bar will not move but it will not drop either.

it sounds like you're gearing fine to me though.

Try holy if you like but (and this is imo) it doesn't bring anything unique to the heal team like disc does.
You're welcome to armory me for an idea of how to setup for Disc. I use Cascade over Divine Star for RBGs too. Make sure to use Recount when comparing your healing to others. The "Healing Done" scoreboard does NOT include absorbs which accord for nearly 50% of our healing.

@Angeless Can you explain more please on cascade? I have been using it but after hearing of Divine Star it sounds more effective in PVP and may respec.

I am a fresh 90 after being away for a bit. I feel exactly the same as the OP, and have decided to spec to how I play not how the theory crafters play as I believe there is no perfect setup. I for once can get flustered if things get chaotic so Haste has been handy if I loose my place. However crit does sound very appealing.

My playstyle is this. Damage Mitigation and Keeping All near me up therefore creating more uptime thru absorbs (also thanks for pointing this out Multicidez as i never thought of the value of this stat) so lots of little heals and keeping myself up so as to continue this.. i mean what good is a dead heals ? "Time is Money Friends??" wtf.

I think there is big hole in relevant info for disc at the mo, seems all the writers are on holiday or copy/pasting other works lol.

love to see this thread continue.
bumping for more
@Angeless Can you explain more please on cascade? I have been using it but after hearing of Divine Star it sounds more effective in PVP and may respec.


Apologies for not responding to this sooner. I typically only check the forums when I'm bored at work. Divine Star is great for arena since it can heal a fair amount with 3 stack of penance and can be cast while Holy Locked. However, due to its short range and healing only targets infront of you, it makes it next to useless during RBGs. Positioning your character in such a way that you're healing your teammates can be challenging. Furthermore, being in range to heal them with Divine Star is more trouble than its worth. Cascade allows us to heal anyone within 40 yards, at which point it will split into 2 heals hitting an additional players another 40 yards. This effectively hits anyone within the fight (regardless of range) and heals for a decent amount.

TL;DR: Cascade has a much larger range than Divine Star

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