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What do Blizz. What do?
Already tried it, still a sad Canuck.
getting the same error Mys

Tried live chat, they basically said try again in an hour because of issues with the patch.
Could I get one of you to please post your dxdiag info or let me know if you happen to be using Windows XP on your systems?
windows 7 for me,

what info off of dxdiag do you need?

None if you're not on Windows XP. I ask because of an issue we just started seeing with XP users. I wanted to see if was related or not.
I'm rockin' 8.
Uninstalled WoW, copied an up to date WoW folder from another pc. Works fine. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks
I don't have another computer to get it from.... looks like ill be doing fresh install
full fresh install worked, sham that it comes to that.
Is there any other solution yet? I work away from home and have limited downloads on my phone, also don't have my CD's here...
im dowload the gme again,work me fine to today;im think they put aother patch and i cant play anymore.Thanks blizzard for put the repair in the game launcher,becouse we cant open the stupid launcher.

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