How much health should I have as prot?

I guess not really "should" I have, but my tank set is around 480 equipped (only two dps pieces left to replace, if I can get something to drop.) And I'm sitting about 485k unbuffed, with one stam trinket. I'm just mostly wondering if it's worth losing a stam trinket and sitting at around 463k unbuffed so I can put in a mastery trinket, or if it's better to do a 1 stam 1 mastery trinket thing.

I know stam isn't and end all be all like it has been in the past at times, but I really feel like 463k unbuffed is pretty low. I always pictured 500 unbuffed to be a good number for higher end t14 lfr geared tanks.

I'd say Mastery is more important. I dumped a bunch of +Stam Gems for +Mastery, and my Crit Block % jumped like 9%, and i noticed a significant difference in damage taken on physical heavy fights, i'm a hell of alot tougher against them now. For magic heavy fights, just swap out your Trinkets for Stam Trinkets, and that's good enough.
Korbu is correct, stam is normalized based on item level so the other other way to increase stam is gems/trinkets

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