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Hey guys,

Just wanted some tips on my gear and enchants. I can't afford the best chants but I feels that my stat weights have been prioritized well. Though, it feels that with the gear that I have I can't keep up with the other healers in my raid team. I don't expect to keep up with our disc priest on some fights as disc priests are just dumb right now but it just feels like I'm not pulling my weight in a group.
Other than missing a buckle and, as you said, using lesser enchants, everything looks fine. I can't say that your trinket is holding you back, although, both could be better. Those you'll replace in time, so whatever.

So really, it might come down to how you are healing. What are you doing? What are you not doing? I'd cruise the sticky to see if you are missing something, although I know it won't cover everything. So you are going to have to elaborate so that you can be better helped.
Holy light through light - moderate damage, shocking off cooldown, DL if necessary with infusion of light procs, dumping with EF or LoD depending on heavy tank damage or heavy AoE damage, using Lights hammer during heavy aoe phases where stacking is needed and ONLY using FoL if I think the tank will die before I can get a DL off.
Is mastery REALLY too good to pass up at the moment? Am I able to forge out of some for haste/crit? Sometimes it seems that people die as I'm mid casting a life saving heal on them if I don't have HP or a shock off CD. I've heard that mastery is great for us but is there such a thing as to much mastery?
Too much Mastery? Not really, so far as I'm aware/concerned. Just an opinion, though.

The only limitations to Mastery that I see, is that the buffer shielding only lasts for 15 seconds unattended, so sometimes it may seem as though it's been wasted if someone hasn't taken damage through it. But nearly everything you do will spread those Mastery shields around.
And there's an equal if not greater risk to raising Crit.

Sometimes people will die on you while you're casting a heal on them. It's unavoidable, and stacking Haste won't ever really change that, I don't think.

A really important trick, I find, is constantly swapping Beacon of Light.
Yeah, it's usually and supposed to be kept on the Main/off- Tank, but when the tank is fine and there are other raid members in need, swapping Beacon so you can use a Flash or Divine Light and gain a charge of Holy Power is really helpful. You can glyph Beacon to take it off the GCD so you can start a heal immediately after Beaconing someone.

It's not exactly easy on the mana pool to constantly using costlier heals, but it generates a lot of extra Holy Power when done well. But it may as well be done if you're going to cast a Divine/Flash either way.
u can always spam aoe heals during low dmg phases to build up absorbs on folks. tbh i think mastery is just so-so because our absorbs (much like a disc priests) will almost always be 1-3 on the meters.

I am much lower ilvl then you but other paladins are looking at crit since the ceiling on it is so much higher than mastery/haste. dunno if you have tried it but with your ilvl you should be able to get quite a few holy shock crits, holy shock crits = faster Radiance and faster LoD etc etc
Holy Shock already has a high crit modifier built into the ability and any aditional crit is wasted as it doesn't give us anything other than larger spike healing. Unlike WoTLK it gave us a portion of the mana cost back, now it's near useless. Sometimes it's nice to get a large crit when the tank or a DPS is taking a lot of damage and they need that 150k+ heal to keep them up but I don't like the idea of hoping for the crit to come in when I can strengthen my 100% dependable heals.

Reason I'm so unsure of my own healing is that I'm getting a few of the raid members chucking me whispers asking what's wrong with my healing on certain fights and despite me telling them that on some fights a holy paladin is pretty much limited to tank healing it doesn't stop the whispers. Thankfully I have yet to have another healer comment on my ability as they don't look at the meters to judge how we're doing on the healing and understand that raw output doesn't equate to good healing.
Hmm. I don't use Flash of Light at all. It's not on my bars :x

I find that using HRadiance > HShock, taking advantage of Daybreak, and then using those 2 HPs to drop an Eternal Flame on raid members, really helps my healing done. The overheal is there, but if the boss dies, I don't see the problem. I do this when my mana is high and the dmg is not so much that I need to focus heal, spreading EF around as much as possible. The ticks keep absorbs up on raid, and obviously all of those EFs funnel through to the BACON target.

Also, helps to know the fights. Sometimes you want to horde HPs for burst. I'm sure you know this, already ;o

You are raiding content I haven't healed yet, so strategies may differ, but I don't think so much so that there would be dramatic change. There's no reason you can't experiment, that's what LFR is for.

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