[Bug?] As a horde doing an alliance scenario?

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Yup, we added a change to allow players of both factions to experience the scenario and see what the other faction has been up to. The cool thing is, the new scenarios coming in 5.3 will also be available to players of both factions.

From [url="http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/8896363/#raids_dungeons"]5.2 patch notes[/url]:

  • Lorewalker Cho has two new tales to tell: Dagger in the Dark and A Little Patience. Though his mystical story-weaving magic (and well, the Dungeon Finder), both Alliance and Horde characters are now able run these previously faction-specific Scenarios.

  • I have mixed feelings about this, I actually prefer, when the Horde has the more of its own unique experience in comparison to Alliance. But that's just me.

    I prefer the Alliance and Horde to have their own unique experiences as well. This change is just to gloss over the fact that in 5.3 the Alliance only gets 1 scenario while Horde gets 2 (the 4th scenario is available to both factions).
    It's easier for Blizzard to let both sides experience the same thing rather than actually put effort into maybe making the Alliance worth playing.
    Loading into Dagger in the Dark, I wasn't sure what was happening. It was like a nightmare. I was a troll.. We were all trolls...On a quest to help another troll.. It was as though I had somehow been infected from prolonged contact to trolls over the years.

    It is an experience I would not care to repeat.
    Hhhhh, I love A Little Patience. It's the most Warcraft thing I've played in all of WoW. :o
    On this toon, I always get turned into a dusky-skinned human beauty. It's pretty awesome.
    I get turned into a troll so I can kill saurok sometimes.
    Fortunately using leyara's locket, orb of sindorei, kelthya's locket and gnomeregan pride make that scenario tolerable. One can go its entire length without being a fugly troll.
    There needs to be an expansion where the scenarios and dungeons turn us into something other than elves and humans. Every time one of my hordies land in the caverns of time or now this new scenario, I think:

    "Ewww. Look at me!!!! I'm a monster. Bleh."

    Agreed... or at least change the options of the character you get.

    As a woman that plays some male characters it's pretty disturbing to go in there with my blood elf priest and find myself being a bald old man T_T

    I think the girl human you get for that is ugly. Me and sis go on about that every time we entered there.

    First time:
    Why am I ugly?
    second time:
    hey sis it is ugly place
    Third time:
    My sister tells me it is the ugly place again
    forth time:
    OMGF this again? i hate this place it makes me ugly (I think I did type omfg wrong, I was that peeved)
    fifth time:
    Me and sis close to the same time ( within a second) say something about it is the ugly place
    sixth time:
    seventh time
    Are you kidding me!?!?!?
    eighth time:
    (lets not go there)

    Dear blizzard, please do not make me do another dungeon where I have to lose my :-3 , thanks.
    ...I wanted to trip Varian, help the orcs....it was very frustrating
    Do you get the "race change" buff in these types of scenarios? Haven't done one of these yet
    Do you get the "race change" buff in these types of scenarios? Haven't done one of these yet

    Yeah, a la some Caverns of Time instances. Makes it so players fit in the story/blend in. For the 5.1 scenarios going cross-faction, the shoehorn is that Lorewalker Cho is telling the players the story very immersively.

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