Rbg guild new to server looking to push 2k+

About me- spent two years on Malfurion where I managed to scrape together the best pvpers the server had to offer and we ran rbgs 2x night fo two years. Topped out at 1980 before season ended. Got tired of some of the big-fish/small pond attitudes and lack of pvp population to fill-in when members couldn't make rbgs so I xferred the guild here. Would like to build the guild again or at least my realid list for a loose roster. I am NOT looking for 2.5k cr players for carry, I'm looking for 1900 mmr exp, sub 2000 cr so we can earn everything we get. Would like to run protwarr, mw monk, hpal, restdruid, sv hunter, boomy, destro, firemage, unh/frost, rogue. Think there is enough dot pressure, cleave, CC to be good comp for 2k+. would prefer interested parties join guild, just for ease of communicating/ socializing, but not requirement. Aiming to run 5 games a night Wednesday and Thursday nights. Send in-game mail to this toon if interested.
moonkin here, 1695 exp (yeah yeah go ahead and criticize) but ill run RBGs with ya.
Update: added a few ppl to realid found good prot, ran with him a few times this week. Overall we went like 12-4 over three nights. Still looking for pro rogue who knows when to break off and call for the boomy or rdruid for cloning after sap/blind or can solo cap if node is guarded by non-tank (enrage and desicrated ground are sometimes difficult to get around, often give tank enough time to call for help)
Hey man, you didn't mention still needing a Mage in your update, but I wanted to ask cause this is exactly what I am looking for. I have 1900 experience, and just looking for a consistent team to work hard together with for the 2k push

let me know!
Oh yeah...mage too! >.<

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