"Evolved" Stormrage US Recruiting 16/16, 3/12

From Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft and Sim City to Star Wars the Old Republic, Diablo 3, Guild Wars and Call of Duty comes Evolved Gaming. We are a group of players coming from many different backgrounds and areas around the world uniting under one name. Our continuing goal is to build, mold and "Evolve" into an amazing gaming community fit for any level of gamer. From the casual console gamer, the hardcore four night a week raider or the insane PVP'er, we have something for everyone.

Currently we are recruiting exceptional players to push our Throne of Thunder progression. We are looking for dedicated, hard working, yet drama free players who have the heart and drive to put in the extra effort it takes to push through content. We are in search of players who not only want to be here, but will go that extra mile to ensure they are at peak performance throughout the raid week after week. ( Badly gemmed and missing enchants? Need not apply )

Open recruitment for all exceptional players, but core rotating positions are currently open for the following:

(2-3) Ranged DPS ( Any Class Considered )

Current raid nights : Sunday / Monday 8:30-11:30 EST
Current Progression : 16/16, 3/12

Upon joining us, you will find a casual oriented atmosphere unioned with a progression oriented mindset. We consider ourselves to be a family of gamer's working to achieve the same goal, to be the best at what we do and having fun while doing it. New to gaming? From server firsts to 2200+ ratings, we have the experience to help you get to the next level.

Not convinced? Follow us on twitch.tv/wymgaming where we stream many games on a regular basis.

Interested in speaking with us further? Please contact Protozoa, Wym, or Roundie in game or at Evolved.guildlauch.com. We would be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Interested in applying to Evolved? Go to Evolved.guildlaunch.com, hit the "Apply to Guild" button and fill out the brief application, an officer will be in contact with you shortly.

Thank you so much for your interest thus far, we truely hope too be speaking with you soon!

May all your hits be crits!

Protozoa - GM - Evolved (Stormrage US)
I've been considering rolling back Alli and your post certainly interests me. If you need a lock please feel free to add my real id bdombo1972#1290 to discuss.

Thanks in advance...
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to the top! Great progress on Horridon just need a couple more key players
to the top!
Is that THE TOP I see
Top NOW!

We need the RANGED!
The view from the TOP is nice.
Great group of folks to raid with, why not join us!
Great group of folks if you don't count Wym.
Great group of folks if you don't count Wym.

Hi, I'll be transferring my Holy Paladin to Stormrage on the 27th and would love to talk having a future with your guild, if not at least a chance to ask some questions.

add me CaMel#1920

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