<Socially Inept> 10m 8/14 H LF core raiders

Area 52
We are a late night (10pm-2am EST Wed/Thu/Sun) raiding guild seeking to add a couple core raiders to our roster.

Socially Inept was founded in early 2007 on the Hydraxis server. Our accomplishments since then include:
- Hand of A'dal titles, up to M'uru in SWP pre-3.0
- Server first Sarth 3d, finished 11/12 (H) ICC25, 12/12 (H) ICC10
- Server first Heroic Nefarian, Sinestra, and Al'Akir kills

We completed 7/13 heroic in ToT.

We're interested in players of any role, especially those with 540+ ilvl and some heroic experience.

For more information, inquire in game to any member or at Pelli#1511.
For science!
A mage or Ret/Prot pally would be an awesome addition.
what about a brew/ww monk?
We already have a Brew/ww monk in the group but Pelli or Atmo would be better people to answer this question Stoned.
Aren't you supposed to be packing ?
To the top with you!

Also, can we get a mage app? I tame sheep and bring them to the raid, but it's just not the same.
We have no tabard.
We want a disc priest. We're interested in any healer applications, but a disc priest would be fantastic. We raid, we're not super annoying, we kill bosses. Join us.

Put in an app at siguild.com

Disc priest. Do it now.
Do you guys still need a ret paladin?
I think we are still interested in a ret pally. I would fill out an app and/or contact an officer in game.
Woot, DOWN WITH BLUE BALLS. Heroic Jin'rokh dead, come join us as we find more colorful phrases for our next heroic mode mechanic!

Oh... yeah, I'm Seraphím over there.
you all didnt get server first 3d. i remember that going to sovereignty/Conviction.
but good guild none the less. Im from hydraxis. i was once in your guild. but i wont say who i am.
Thanks mystery man.

Anyways....healing monks and priests would be a huge plus!
That's a super polite troll. You don't need to hide, guy! You're just stating facts. Although, I thought we did get server first 3D. But what's an argument among friends?

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