disc priests can't get out of cc?

03/27/2013 12:27 PMPosted by Vixie
Just admit it, you hate me and you always have. Am I too forward for you? Too bad that's the way I am. I don't plan on changing for anyone.

No hate, just annoyance and dismissal. Since you showed up here being an obvious troll and/or trying to pull people to twitchtv with the girl as "bait", you haven't garnered an ounce of respect or credibility.

We really tried to include you in the social thread but you're so schizo, it's hard to talk to you.

"Too forward" what? Your little flirt things with girls here? XFD Sorry, no 'not forward' but also not working.

Just calm down Truewan and try to be like people.

That's quite a lot of words for someone who doesn't hate. LOL The thing I find interesting is, you explain everything in detail, did I touch some nerve or something? Thanks for the screenshot though, will be my prime example of people are mad and don't admit it due to low self esteem.
Your teammates need to l2peel, and you have to anticipate cc and avoid it. Speed bubble, shadow word death glyph, spectral guise, etc. We're not druids, but we can hold our own when being cc'd/focused.
Not sure what this fuss is all about. I'm not even half malv and I havn't had too many problems. If you're rooted and you see some melee inc, put some heals up? and start preparin for the burst lol.
03/25/2013 02:55 PMPosted by Moswarthugh
You're right there's too many cc removing abilities in the game. They should be removed.

what does this post even mean? im mainly saying that priests cant get out of movement impairing effects, discs that is, which limits what they can do in arena.

Means balance the game by making no healer able to get out of movement impairing effects not just disc.
Truth. Our scream is sooo long, seems to last longer than a warlock or warrior's. Or maybe since another priest cast it so we're doubly pissed at the breach of solidarity (yeah yeah, they're the other faction). =P Great for us to cast, sucks to eat the casts.

I think a lot of it has to do with the pathing when you get hit with a scream. I've been in love with resto druid pvp healing lately, and leveling almost exclusively on bgs. I've seen several repeatable annoying effects lately. Fear perks maybe?

In AV, if you are in Iceblood Tower and get feared, you always always run out of the little hut, 99% of the time run to the left, around the side, and a good majority of the time, drop down to the little beam there and can't jump back up. Add several additional seconds to jump down and run back up.

In IoC, get feared in the hordes boss room and generally get feared through the wall, and have to run around, jump down and go back up the stairs.

In Tol Barad I was on the GY next to ICG, got feared and phased through the rock and ended up next to the front gates of the underground entrance by the swamp. I have screenshots of that one. Ah fear pathing, love ya when it's not on me.

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