Eternal Flame and Protector of the Innocent

I'm a bit puzzled here...

The glyph "Protector of the Innocent" states that it'll work when Word of Glory is used - however is it still useful if you were to spec Eternal Flame?

I tried it while having Eternal Flame, and from what I could tell - I did not get the 20% heals...By removing Eternal Flame, and taking Sacred Shield instead - it seemed to work...

Can anyone else here with more experience give me any further info on this matter - it would be greatly appreciated!
It works off the initial heal only. Not the hot.

So the next question is...Am I better off staying with Sacred Shield as I am currently specc'd, or is it worth going back to Eternal Flame while using the glyph?
Eternal flame heal ticks transfer to your beacon target, while applying your mastery as well. I would consider Sacred Shield only if I were playing prot.
If you're just leveling via quests, I'd go with Sacred Shield, although Eternal Flame would work just as well, I think.

For dungeons I always go with Eternal Flame, because I can HoT up the entire party if needed, especially Divine Purpose.

Some healers prefer the Shield, but most go for the HoT. I should try it the other way, I suppose, because I can see the benefit of placing an absorption shield on the tank and mitigate some incoming damage, instead of having a HoT that I'll eventually over-heal anyways.
Though it varies per gear, the HoT portion of EF heals close, but not quite as much as the full duration of Sacred Shield absorb over it's own duration.

So if your choice is one EF or one SS, then EF is lesser. Especially considering the SS is an absorb mechanic, which means less overheal and better proactive healing when used upon a tank.


Sacred Shield requires a global cooldown every 30 seconds. EF is something that happens at no cost, as it comes free with your usage of Word of Glory. If you are using WoG over Light of Dawn, your only other Holy Power finisher, then you can see how this can be useful.

EF will "roll" your Illuminated Mastery, as each tick refreshes the 15 second duration, thus giving you an effective 45 second duration on the shield. When you use Word of Glory on a non-tank, they're getting a solid 20-50k shield. This shield is very likely wasted with a mere 15 second duration. But when you are talented into EF, you now have 45 seconds, which means less overheal which means more mana which means more AWESOME!

EF is affected by Mastery! EF is also affected by crit. EF is affected by Beacon. Take this into account when comparing potential healing values. Adding my own Crit + Mastery + Beacon transfer together, a single EF provides about double of what it will say on the tooltip. Sacred Shield is not affected by any of those things. In other words, assuming zero overheal, a single EF cast every 30 seconds on a non-tank can provide MORE healing than SS over the same duration... and you're likely to be casting more than one.

There are only three reasons to grab SS as Holy. One, if tank spike damage is more important than overall healing. Two, if you never use Word of Glory and instead rely upon Light of Dawn (No word of glory means no Eternal Flame). And three, if you like the pretty bubble, which is indeed, truly shiny.

Edit: Er, this is also at max level doing either dungeons or raids. I wouldn't bother with SS while soloing if your only spec is Holy, as that's an extra Global Cooldown used all the friggin' time, which slows down leveling. At lower dungeons, though, where dungeons are fast and health bars go up and down more drastically, SS is actually rather useful since mana efficiency isn't a super-huge concern and it shields a pretty dang fair amount.

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