Disc is dead ; ; but holy rocks!!


"inner focus" just doesn't help these days against stunners
you can only heal "yourself" under pressure
bubbles does not buy u enough time, it "breaks" too fast against burst damage
disc is "too slow" to heal aoe damage from big burst
disc is "no longer" the arena or rbg spec. Holy can cover both just fine.
mastery sucks to high heaven, crit is the way to go even if it's based on chance
pain suppression is weaker than guardian spirit, why roll "disc"
A "well placed" fear or stun/silence will waste your power word: barrier
why "take" angelic bulwark when bubbles break so fast?
why "take" angelic bulwark when it procs @ 30% health opened for finishing moves of other classes?
disc "relies" too heavily on flash heal usage vulnerable to crowd controls.
Penance is garbage even with a 9 sec cd does !@#$ty heals and can be easily interrupted
Penance should be 7 sec cd that does 45k-50k per ball not 30k -37k with grace.

Holy has a good amount of instants that requires the spec to not use flash heals ever
I tried mastery tho good but "echo of light" not so reliant against burst damage so i tried forging crit and my serenity crit every 5 out of 7 clicks and now i'm loving it. my renew crits more my circle of healing crits more so i'm sold on crits.
Holy is a master healer of aoe damage against big burst.
Chakras have realitively low cds in 5.2 which makes switching simplified
Chastice is too useful in arena and rbg
solace heals for over 100k heals under chastise mode with only a 10 sec cd but does 40kish in serenity mode.
holy isn't as squishy as most will think. Only a select few will know

disc is just ideal for arena but no one wants a disc for rbg but the smart ones look for holy!!

So to me disc is dead but Holy rocks!!!
Did you just rage all over you pants?
@ loratabb

line 1. free uninteruptable heals? in your wildest dreams. inner focus can be interuptted. to to reply that holy priest is squishy in pvp nonsense. optimize your stats correctly and watch holy shine. instants are far better than absorbs.

line 2. binding heal will run u oom and like flash heals so susceptable to stuns/silences and add on won't help. get like 2 or more peeps on u and u won't cast !@#$.

line 3. mastery nerf puts power word shield and spirit shell per cast of fh to about 87kish absorbs. with classes critting over 100k damage if you're lucky u get 1.5 sec maybe less.

line 4. penance does %^-*ty heals and even if u can get a heal out with inner focus u still will get locked out.

line 5. disc is broken slowed and bubbles hardly help. i use to love disc but the mechanics for the spec is lacking and yes i will play holy. Holy Rocks!!! i'm seeing alot of people pick up bulwark am i missing something?
doh. holy got their focused will passive that they should of had long ago. And people are not so familiar with holy pvping. disc was always the spec to go and if u had read what i wrote above about disc is the i deal choice for arena but for rbg hell no! As of 5.2 holy can do arena just fine with better heals and better CCs. People are used to disc... hello?
Oh and 1 more thing:

the only thing i like about disc is the offensive style attonement damage/healing. it can really dish out some pressure all while healing your mate but thats it.
Let us know when you hit 2200 as holy.
Did you just rage all over you pants?

Yeah. I couldn't even read all that.
oh i forgot to mention circle of healing in my rotation as holy.

@loratabb. are u serious? stop repliing, disc cd only reduces damage a good rogue will keep u from casting anything and if a war joins u will be locked out completely (equal gear war rogue and priest with optimize stats) guardian spirit buys me more time then pain suppression will ever do cause u will still see your hp drop from poisons and bleeds. And like i said only a select handful will know that HOLY rocks in pvp.
I don't like seeing people say that Disc is dead. I see alot of good Disc priests out there playing. I levelled this character through battlegrounds in a disc spec and absolutely adored Disc up until MoP came out. I was pretty upset about what happened to the spec in 5.1 and since I enjoy healing and didn't want to roll shadow, I gave Holy a try and played it throughout 5.1 to learn the spec.

I think any healing class in the hands of a competent and skilled player will shine above the mediocre masses.
Disc is fine.
Disc is completely viable, if you are a competent player.

Perhaps it's the latter part of the sentence you're having trouble with most.
I'm not quite sure how your RBGs go, but one could argue that if your team is good enough (even as a Holy priest) you'll never be dead. In most RBGs I die between 1-3 times. Therefore, it's not a huge benefit worth counting on.
I'm not quite sure how your RBGs go, but one could argue that if your team is good enough (even as a Holy priest) you'll never be dead. In most RBGs I die between 1-3 times. Therefore, it's not a huge benefit worth counting on.

Assuming you're talking about the redemption glyph... I actually don't use it much anymore but I'd like to pose this perspective...

SoR glyph gets more useful/makes a bigger difference towards helping your team win on the closer fought battles... when your team is winning and you aren't dying, you won't get much benefit out of it... but so what... you're winning.
My fingers ache from all the air quotes while reading that OP.
disc is amazing right now
Discs niche is bubbles/absorbs, albeit harder to play than Holy it is most definitely the more viable spec right now, buffing heal meters does nothing for your team only your e-peen.

Holys throughput is probably at the bottom of the ladder in comparison to rsham/rdruid, fact is their niche is more aoe healing/throughput heals than bubbles, that of which rshams/rdruids/mw do alot better. Nevermind the fact their single best cooldowns only procs once they are dead, which is absolutely no benefit to your team.

Players will play what they want, but don't be posting misinformed information. Disc is simply alot stronger than Holy right now, probably always will be.
Did you just rage all over you pants?

I am sorry but this made my day... have been laughing internally ever since I read it.

Now to the OP, you are entitled to your opinion, and I do not agree or disagree because I am not good enough (or pretend to be) but I think it is still viable.

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