Ret PVP / addon inquiry

Hi all,
Been ages since I've pvp'd with my paladin. Recently hitting 90 I'm looking for a list of things:

1.) pvp addons (paladin specific, arena - battle ground)

2.) gear enchants, gemming, specified stats I should be looking to cap on

3.) talents, glyphs, etc.

4.) classes that match up well in arena with ret pallies. I need to look for classes that work well with a ret paladin.

5.) videos, tips, strategies.

Anything helps thanks! For the Alliance!
1) Addons:
CLC ret "change priority to judgement"
Event Alert
Interrupt bar
Interrupt Tracker
Combat Timer
Class Color
Atrox Arena Viewer

2) Gear enchants Gemming- you can figure that one out on your own. Lots of resil.

3) Glyphs and Talents
TV glyph that reduces damage
judgement dmg boost when target swapping glyph
generate HoPo on cc glyph
Holy Prism > Execution Sentence
HoJ or Burden of Guilt is composition based but HoJ is preferred if your team can snare and you can seal twist on command.

4) Comp
Ret, Hunter, Priest

5) Strat
Use hand spells frequently, be flexible, kite melee if your low hp.
MAKE MACROS- mouseover turn evil macro, Focus HoJ macro, Macro AW and HA together for maximum burst, make team mate specific HoS macros for easy CC removal.

Check out Dmachine on youtube or twitch I think he streams almost every night.

Hope this helps.
Great thanks a bunch. Ill be looking into all of this. Appreciated sir!

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