<Defiance> LFM for PvP

Area 52
<Defiance> is a relatively new guild here on Area-52, and as such we are trying to build not only our raiding base but our PvP base as well.

Not all of our members are experienced in PvP, however we are striving to put a guild RBG team together. We currently are in need of:

Frost DK (Target Caller preferably)
Resto Shaman
Warrior or Blood DK FC

No high end experience is needed, we can teach you what you need to know. Just have a basic understanding of your class, and what is in your classes toolbox. We are also building a base of competent arena players on Area-52 so if you are trying to push rating with like minded people, we are the guild that is pushing towards this. Gear level is expected to be full Malevolent at this point in the season, and at least a piece of Tyrannical. Those with high experience, will be held in a higher regard to spots than those with none.

If you are interested feel free to contact myself, Feinna, or Aadin in game if you have any questions. My battletag is Killias#1737, Feinna's is Coraloralyn#1561.

To apply please visit: http://area52defiant.enjin.com/
bump for going 4-0 tonight in RBG's with a bunch of pugs
recruitment needs updated!
Looking for people to peel off me! Bump.

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