508 Rsham Lf ToT Raiding Guild


Just getting back from break and found out the old guild I was in fell apart.

Current Xp 5/12 in Tot
Previous 16/16 Normal 6/16 Heroic

Competent in both 25 man and 10 man Resto play styles, Currently using Resto Crit spec for 10 man raiding.
Top Shelf might be perfect for you. We need a resto shaman for our 25m
thanks for the suggestion!
Hey! Jenova Project is also interested. We are 5/12 ToT and raid Wed/Thurs 8-12 server. Please contact me in game. Twiggie#1413 is my battletag.
Get in touch with me in-game if you're interested in applying to <Origins>.

We raid Mon-Thurs 7-11 server and we're currently recruiting a healer (R-sham or H-pal).
EDIT now 510ilvl should be 514 tuesday, and 7/12 xp
we are currently looking for a rshammy here's a link to our recruitment post


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