<BedIam> Recruitment/Merger

Howdy folks! I'm here from <BedIam>, and we are looking to make some changes. We are a tight knit group of guys who have fallen on rough times. As always, real life takes precedent over video games, and attendance has become an issue. We are looking to recruit quite a few people and/or potentially merge with another 10man group to form a solid, single minded 25man core.

We typically raid twice a week, with a third day if there is potential for serious progression. Raid days are Tuesday/Sunday @ 5:30pm PST, but invites typically go out around 5:00pm PST. There is a definite possibility to work out different raid days if need be.

If anyone is interested, go ahead and send me an in-game mail or message me in game (battletag is Teejsta#1629). Im on most evenings. If I am not available to speak to, you can contact the GM of <BedIam> Crushero, or Mattorthepwn.

[EDIT] Just to be clear, we would be looking to fold another 10man group into our guild. <Bedlam> has been around since Vanilla Beta, and we aren't looking to dissolve the guild just yet.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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