[A] Ethereal (25) 10M Recruiting

Ethereal is currently looking for a RESTO SHAMAN.

  • ilvl expected - 475+
  • Required experience in current raids – none
  • Expected starting raid/instance – Heart of Fear
  • Voice Chat required - Ventrilo

  • Raid times are Wednesday and Thursday, 7 – 10pm server time. We are looking for applicants that can consistently makes these times from a week-to-week basis. Dependability is the most important attribute we are looking for. We offer a welcoming, friendly atmosphere dedicated to treating its’ guildies with respect, and take into consideration that every player is much more than pixels and text.

    If interested, please message myself or Kahlly in game. If you are unable to get to us personally, feel free to leave an in-game mail to either of us so we can contact you.
    Leather tank has been found, original post edited to reflect.
    OP modified for new needs.
    BUMP, looking for tanks
    Hi, if you guys are looking for tanks i have been looking for a guild for awhile. i used to raid hardcore during BC/Wrath and wanted to get back in to it.
    Resto Shaman LF guild.

    Hey orik, send me a battletag request and we'll have a chat. Steellotus#1767
    mw monk lf guild
    go away pepperss <3
    go away pepperss <3

    never understood why u guys hate me
    I don't hate you. I don't even know you.
    lf lock!
    lf lock!

    Obviously I'd be there for you honeycakes but Wed-Thursday doesnt really work for me. Damn night shifts.
    I still love you.

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