Advice on Prot/Holy dual spec

I initially created this alt as a prot/ret dual spec, but I want to change it to prot/holy. I understand that strength + stamina are my primary stats for prot, but how can I perform my best on both prot and holy? Do the spirit + intellect stat priorities for holy mean that I need to carry two sets of gear? Is it difficult for this dual spec than prot/ret?

Also, do I level using prot and only rely on holy when needed in instances?

Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated. Ridicule is not welcome (unless it's very clever and original) :)
You will need two sets of gear; that is unavoidable. While leveling prot and ret can share everything. So with regards to that aspect a prot/holy dual spec would be more difficult.

Being prot of course I will tell you to level prot. It is super easy from your level on. If you just go ahead and get vendor/crafted holy pieces you will be fine to do holy on the off chance you can trade a tank for heals in an instance.

At lvl 70 you can get the wrath crafted sets. Those are a good starting point to then upgrade with the dungeon drop no one needs or the quest reward that's not a main spec upgrade.

After lvl 85 you might have trouble keeping up using your offspec unless you have been super attentive to your offspec gear.
I would highly advise not doing this, simply because it takes away your usefulness to a guild as a dual-spec raider. There are no scenarios where a raid would need to swap out a tank for a healer or the other way around. If you have a decent prot/ret set I would do it for S's/G's or if you planned on doing pvp. However if you plan on raiding I wouldn't bother.
Ussil and Carrla, thank you very much for your advice! I think I will keep this pally as prot/ret, and I will create another pally as holy/ret.

I am still very excited about learning the holy spec. I found the holy priest spec to be rather boring, but I see a lot of holy pallys being quite successful in lfr.
I think that's the best idea. I do prot and ret on this toon, and have another paladin I use for holy. There is just so much gear you can share between ret and prot. Pick the one you prefer more, and "lock in" your gear for that spec, and then reforge/gem/chant around those pieces in your other spec (or of course use completely different pieces as you get them). It really works out quite well.

The bad thing is, already having a ret paladin, I don't have much desire to play ret on my other paladin, so he has pretty crap bad that I can do dailies faster as holy...really bad ret gear lol.

So I end up just not doing dailies on that toon much, which really hurts when you have nothing to spend valor points on due to the asinine double-gated vp/rep gear.
What about Prot/Fury Warriors? Should I make a new thread?

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