<Soft Enrage> 2nd 25M recruiting all classes

<Soft Enrage> Horde Blackrock pvp pst server has expanded into a 2nd 25m raid group

The current 25m is 11/12
The 2nd 25m is 6/12
Officers have 7/16 hm t14

We raid Sun 5-9pm ST Mon 5-9pm ST Tues 5-9pm ST

More about our guild:

We currently have a 25m raid grp that raids 2 nights a week and looking to expand into a 2nd! Soft enrage has been been pushing heroic progression since t10 and is continuing to do so at a great pace!
We are looking for dedicated, reliable, and hard working players. If you don't enchant gear, work for upgrades, use consumables, min/max on fights, complain about respec costs or anything like that...please do not apply.
As a dps we expect you to be able to put out good numbers and know how to be the most effective in each encounter.
We like to have fun and joke around but also know how to buckle down and focus on progression when it is needed.

Applicant Expectations:


A minimum of 18 years old – exceptions can be made but it is an adult guild, maturity is required

A minimum of 85% attendance is required – includes being timely for invites and posting out via website forums if you are unable to attend a raid

100% knowledge of your class and spec, being viable at your OS is a huge plus

100% prepared for all encounters (thorough research on your class, every raid encounter, and the two in relation)

Mumble and a working microphone is a necessity, with the ability to speak up clearly when needed


A very positive attitude

Most importantly, you must put the guild's goals before your personal goals (we will accomplish anything any individual would want to as one team)

We have Loot council as our loot system with a high emphasis on performance

Current Class Needs:

All classes specs Needed at this time



We look forward to hearing from you!
MW Monk Mage DPS DK SHam DPS
more deeps
Applied a while ago under name Pirateer still waiting :[.
bump chicky bump bump
need more dps!
Applied a while ago under name Pirateer still waiting :[.

Message me in game if you are still interested. I have questions about your app.

need boomkin>mage>ele
Update: Need exceptional ranged DPS prefer Mage Boomkins Ele sham!!
ranged dps/heals
grp is now 5/12 and wee need mages boomkins 1 hunter and 1 exceptional priest healer
6/12 in high need of hunters!
Resto Druid looking for a raiding group. been playing casually for a bit now but would like to get back to real raiding instead of just LFR.

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