<Storm Hammer> Seeks Raiders for ToT

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
The basics:
• 10 man Alliance guild;
• Based on Saurfang;
• Current progression 6/6 MSV 6/6 HOF 3/4 ToES 1/12 ToT
• Level 25;
• Raid Monday & Wednesday, 8-11pm EST (server time +11 GMT - Currently observing daylight savings time);
• Website: www.stormhammer.net

We are looking for:
• Committed and skilled DPS – seeking a Druid, Lock, Monk, Spriest;
• Committed and skilled Tank – non pally, Dedicated healer - monk, druid, pally
• Good raid awareness;
• Maturity, punctuality and attendance;
• Knowledge of class played; and
• Fully gemmed, enchanted and reforged.

We are primarily looking for the roles listed above, however, we do accept and consider applications from other classes/roles and also social members.

We are a small guild run by experienced officers, with a great group of mature, friendly raiders. We have a down to earth approach to raiding and recognise each of our raiders has a voice - everyone is encouraged to participate in guild discussions on progression etc.

If this sounds like you contact Phishtank (Real ID: Fish#6931), Lilliaath or Irridiae in game or visit www.stormhammer.net to apply.
bumping for great justice
Please note that we are also seeking a committed healer in leiu of a DPS.
Seeking a healer and tank as a high priority.

If you want to know more contact me (real ID: Lilliaath#6649) or Phishtank (Real ID: Fish#6931).
Where are all the healer and tank pairs? I know you exist!
shameless self bump
still looking :)
Bump for an amazing guild. I wish you guys the best! :)
still after awesome peoples!
up! need a tank and healer!
Looking for a tank
I'm a tank ;).
Also does bearbewbs still play?
Ahahaha - we just found a tank! Nah - bear plays battlefield these days - we miss him! Hence the need for a tank :P Still pops on occasionally to say hi :)

We are looking for committed and skilled DPS – Druid, Lock, Monk, Spriest, DK, Rogue
LF committed and skilled DPS :)

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