504 Fire Mage LF 10m raiding guild


Unfortunately, I've had some bad luck with guilds with MoP. Lots of 10m groups switching to 25m after telling me otherwise. So here I am, looking for a permanent guild to continue raiding. Pre 5.2, I was 3/16 heroic and ended up not raiding a month before 5.2 came out because of previous stated reason of 25m. This expansion, I'm currently 4/12 with first wing and Mag killed.

I'm incredibly reliable and if unable to make a raid, I will make sure an officer is aware well before raid but it is rare I miss a raid. I also learn fights fast and 100% able to follow strats as determined by raid leader. I'm also very chill and relaxed, lots of humor, and friendly demeanor. However, since I like everyone else pay for this game, I'm looking for my moneys worth. I do all aspects of the game esp PvP (bgs, arenas, rbgs.) Your guild doesnt need to be extremely active in this but would enjoy playing with others who dont just raid and nothing else. Been playing since Wrath and that's when I started raiding heroics. Been on and off with pvp and pve due to being on a poop server at one point (Thunderlord.)

If your guild is or has been discussing the thought of 25m, then please dont respond to this post. I'm only interested in 10m raiding at this time and that wont change for awhile. Please save me the time of applying on your website or trial runs only so that I have to leave eventually.

I hope to find a new hope soon and one that can stick so that there can be many bosses downed, many laughs to be had, and many good times as a guild. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know asap and I will do my best to answer them as well asap.

Hope you have a great day and thank you for your time reading this!
What level of progression are you targeting (I assume Heroics as far as you can push), how often are you wanting / willing to run, and what hours?
Yes on the progression type. Heroics are ultimately the funnest to me and most intense. However, I'm not like super hardcore into them given that I also pretty much do everything else in the game to a degree. A great progression group and the better ones I've been in have been able to make progression fun. I was excited to log on to not only down bosses and get phat loots with my guildies, but to have a great time and lots of laughs. It keeps things fresh and removes any stressful environments that might be present. With that said, I'm willing to do 3-4 days for 4 hours a night. Maybe more if the group is doing very well.

As for how often and hours, any time of day and any day normally works for me. I've found that Sunday nights sometimes can be questionable due to work and lots of family things, but other then that, Anytime.

I plan on also pushing 2.2k in rbgs and arenas starting this upcoming week since I'll be able to get my 498 Tyr Weap so really wanting to be able to manage my life, along with dailies, 2,2k push, as well as a 10m raid. In order for me to be good and stay and enjoy a guild, I have to enjoy myself and have fun. It's why I play the game like the rest of us haha.

I hope this answers your questions and let me know if you have anymore!
still looking for a core spot!
His dps was straight poop when he was apping with The Gods Must Be Lazy, then he gquit when he was told to respec and learn his rotation
Just Sayin...
You had a enh Shaman that was at 504 ilvl with 2 heroic weaps and i was at a 496 and 2nd on dps charts to your geared lock. I went every spec for your guild and still beat that Sham on every pull. Not sure if you have checked gems on the AH recently but they are expensive and not once was offered compensation for all the regemming, forging, or enchanting.

No one had to tell me how to play fire which in your guilds eyes was "not viable" in raiding. When again, instead of the your Enh who was slacking beyond what his gear could of carried him to, to go Ele. I never talked !@#$ about your guild or the players in it and left knowing it wasnt going to work out. If you sincerely have nothing better to do then to post on my forum post with your Horde alt, then go right ahead. It just proves to me that I'm a bigger and person in life shown through my actions.

Worry about what your guild needs to worry about and I can worry about things related to me.

There is a reason you didn't post on your main, cause you don't want the negative attention to you or the guild for doing what you just did.

Have a happy Easter cause you need Jesus.
just saying....

This was the night I was talking about earlier. Only 1 report from that night which wasnt my best pull but if you notice as the spec that isn't viable at a 496 ilvl, I beat your guilds 504 Enh with double heroic weaps at the time.

Dont slander my name without the guts to post as your main.
o.o lolwut
a mage beating a enh shaman on horridon? thats bananas

Have a happy Easter cause you need Jesus.


Oh raiding drama, I find you so entertaining
Add my btag jknndy#1436. I'd like to chat.
Hey there! <No fun Allowed> is currently seeking a mage for 10M raiding. We run Tues/Thursday from 8-11pm server time. Our time together during raiding is very limited, so we try to take things seriously. I saw you're looking to do RBGs as well and we do have another group of people who like to do PvP, though I cannot speak for them to say you'd have a spot in their group. If you want to add my battletag, it's Fayt#1129. Hope to hear back from you
The guild i just joined, Colorblind, just informed me they will be making the move to Illidan Horde next week whilst I will be staying here so still looking for a home still =(

I'm up to a 505 ilvl equipped now and pumping out pyros!

What raid nights/times are you looking to raid on?

I don't mind and I'm available any time. I'd prefer a weekday raid guild and 3 raids a week but not needed.

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