You Rolled a Hunter, Now What? 6.2.3 Edition

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Well congratulations you just rolled the biggest contradictory class in the game!
I kid, I kid! ...sorta.

Look I am going to get this out of the way. I at one time ran one of the best leveling guilds on a highly populated if not full server. This leveling stuff my specialty. I am not an End Game Raider or Rated PvP Hero. I might try it out every now and then but I love the idea of helping people get the gear and some of the skills they will need to get there.


If you were already 90, and not just a boosted one then go to these threads and skip this one. Go ahead and read the following for what it's worth:
For PvE:
For PvP:
Our Macro Thread:

Another spot you should hit:

Glossary or as I like to call it, What the Heck are They Saying:
AoE: Area of Effect
AFK: Away From Keyboard /afk for the staus
Agi: Agility
AH: Auction House
Alt: Alternate character, what most Hunters are
AotB: Aspect of the Beast
AotC/Cheetah: Aspect of the Cheetah
AotF/Fox: Aspect of the Fox, allows all raid/groups spells to be cast on the move for 6 seconds on 3 minute CD, you get this at level 84, No Longer in the Game
AotH/Hawk: Aspect of the Hawk, Passive No longer in the game
AotIH/Iron Hawk: Aspect of the Iron Hawk
AotP/Pack: Aspect of the Pack, Gone in 7.0
AP: Attack Power
AiS/AS: Aimed Shot, replaces ArS and used as a Focus Dump MM only, you get this at level 10
ArS/AS: Arcane Shot, used as a Focus Dump, on SV it spreads Serpent Sting, BM/SV
BA: Black Arrow, SV only, MM only in 7.0
BE/Belf: Blood Elf, the playable Horde elf Race.
BL: Beast Lore, tells you information on beasts and possible tames, you get this at level 10
BG: Battle Ground
Blue: Blizzard Employees, their posts are always in blue and they avoid the class forums with reason, Hunters tend not to like Blue, that is all I will go into it.
Blues: Rare items and battle pets. Often gear is found in dungeons but can be manufactured or dropped. Rare mobs often drop Blues.
BM: Beast Mastery Specialty, you get this at level 10
BoA: Bind on Account, can be transferred between and used by characters capable of using it on a any server, despite faction
BoE: Bind on Equip, can be sold, traded or mailed until used
BoP: Bind on Pickup, can only be used by or vendored after you recieve it
BW/Big Red: Bestial Wrath/The Beast Within, both you and your pet will grow and turn red, BM only, you get this at level 10
Call Pet: Allows you to summon your pet, 1st at level, 2nd at level 10, 3rd at level 42, 4th at level 62, 5th and final one at level 82
Camo: Camouflage, you get this at level 85
Caster: Spell Casting class, Tamable Beasts with Mana Bars
Caster Pet: An old term for pets with Mana Bars, part of a type of NPC that tended to be less desirable for taming.
CC: Corwd Control, something that stops PCs and most NPCs for a certain amount of time
CD: Cool Down, the time it takes for a spell to reset
CM: Community Moderator, these are rarely if even on this forum, they are Blues who communicate with the players
CntS: Counter Shot, BM and SV's interrupt.
Crit: Crit Rating, the chance to have a Critical Hit
CS: Chimera Shot
CrS: Cobra Shot, BM/SV, you get this at level 81
Cus/CnS: Concussive Shot, Might be removed from game, you get this at level 8
Dismiss: Dismiss Pet, you get this at level 10
Disengage: Fly backwards to escape your enemy, 20 Second CD, you get this at level 14
DND: Do Not Disturb/Busy, sometimes called Do Not Duel /dnd for the status
DOT: Damage Over Time
DPS: Damage Per Second
DS: Distracting Shot, you get this at level 52
Dtr: Deterrence, double charged 30% damage reduction, 3 minute CD each charge you get this at level 78
DW: Duel Wield
EMfH: Every Man for Himself, Human racial that acts as a PvP Trinket
ES: Explosive Shot, SV only, you get this at level 10
ET: Explosive Trap, AoE Fire Damage, you get this at level 38
Exp: Expertise, No Longer in Game
FF: Focus Fire, increases pet Frenzy BM only, you get this at level 32
Flare: Increases stealth detection in a targeted area, you get this at level 38
Focus: Your primary energy Source
Focus Dump: Either AS to fill in the gaps of the rotation and to get rid of Focus
GCD: Global Cool Down, the time between shots
Freeze: Freezing Trap, freezes most in place for 30 second (PvE) or 8 seconds (PvP),shares a CD with Ice Trap, you get this at level 28
GM: Game Masters Blizzard Employees who fix things in game/Guild Masters
Grays: Poor items and Battle Pets. Beats having nothing.
Greens: Uncommon, items and battle pets, better than common. Usually manufactured or from quests. World Drops often have better stats.
Heals: Healer or Healing given/Recieved
Heirloom: BoAs that scale and aid in leveling. These items have a gold color tooltip.
Hit: Hit Rating: the chance to hit or miss, No Longer in Game
HM: Hunter's Mark, Passive, No longer in game.
HP: Health Points, often a green bar on your avatar in game.
Ice/Frost: Ice Trap, an AoE slow, used to be named Frost Trap, used for Kiting and slowing something down, shares a CD with Freezing Trap, you get this at level 46/Renamed Ice Trap in 6.0
Int: Intellect
IG: In Game
IL: Intstance Leader
IRL: In Real Life
JP: Justice Points, No longer in game.
KC: Kill Command, BM only, you get this at level 10
KS: Kill Shot, shoots targets under 20% damage, MM/BM, you get this at level 35
LFD: Looking for Dungeon
LFR: Looking for Raid
LoS: Line of Sight
Main: Main Character
Mats: Materials used for crafting items in game
MC: Master's Call or Mind Controlled, you get this at level 78
MD: Misdirection, MDing is casting MD onto someone or your pet.
Melee: Either classes that have to be up close or 0-5 yards from your character.
MP/Mend: Mend Pet, Heals your pet, you get this at level 1
Mob: NPCs you can attack
MM: Marksman Specialty, you get this at level 10
MS: Reduces Healing received by 50%, Mortal Strike for Warriors,Multistrike, the chance for an ability to hit more than one target
NE/Nelf: Night Elf, the playable Alliance elf race.
Ninja: Someone who takes loot they do not need, steal loot out from under you, also used as a verb, tend to be viewed as periahs
NPC: Non-Player Character
OOM: Out Of Mana watch for healers to say this
Pat: Patrolling mobs in instances/raids
Petopia: https// the Hunter Pet resource website.
Physical: The type of damage you mainly do
Proc: Comes up, or becomes available
Prof: Profession i.e. Skinning or Mining
PST: Please Send Tell, to Whisper done by /w *player's name-server name*
Purples: Epic items and battle pets. Usually found in Raids.
PvE: Player versus Environment
PvP: Player versus Player
Ranged: Casters that can attack further than melee range and 5-40 yards, Hunters are Ranged.
Rare/s: Blue colored items and Battle Pets, and Mobs with a Silver Dragon Found on their avatar, Rare Beasts ofen have unique skins or ones found at later levels.
RBG: Rated Battle Ground
RF: Raidfinder or Rapid Fire MM only
RL: Raid Leader, both an instance rank and a typical guild rank/Real Life
SB: Scare Beast, No Longer in the Game
ScS: Scatter Shot, No Longer in the Game
SF: Stone Form, Dwarf racial clears poisons and bleeds and reduces damage taken
Skin: Usually means the looks of pets as well as pertaining to the profession Skinning
Snake Trap: This Trap replaces Ice Trap via a Glyph. It releases Snakes that disperse random poisons.
Spt: Spirit
SP: Spell Power
SS: Steady Shot, After level level 81 it becomes MM only, you get this at level 3
SlS: Silencing Shot, No Longer in the Game
SrS: Serpent Sting, passive with Multi-Shot and ArS, Survival only, you get this at level 68
Stam: Stamina
Str: Strength
SV: Survival Specialty, you get this at level 10
Tank: The one in the group who is supposed to take the beating.
TotH: Thrill of the Hunt, reduces the cost of ArS, AiS and Multi Shot by 20 Focus
TL/Launcher: Trap Launcher, lets you throw your traps anywhere within LoS, you get this at level 48
Tranq: Tranquilizing Shot, removes an enrage/magic buff, you get this at level 35
Trap: Non-targetable spells that require one to walk on or be own to activate, each does seperate things, the names are mostly descriptive
Trinket: Items that either passively proc or have to be activated to get a buff. Often used for the PvP Trinket which removes all impairment and loss of control effects. Humans get this as a baseline racial, they do not need the PvP Trinket. Sometimes MC is and BW was referred to by this.
Vrs: Versatility
VP: Valor Points
Whites: Common items and battle pets. Better than Poor but not by much.
WotF: Will of the Forsaken, a Forsaken/Undead racial that removes sleep and fear effects and adds to the PvP Trinket's CD.
WS: Wyvern Sting, you get this at level 30/Wind Serpent
NOTE: Some these are choices, you may not have them at the same time.

So Little Timmy got his Lil Timmy's Peashooter and his faithful companion Lassie and decided to explore the world of Azeroth. What will they do next? Well, there is wells for him to fall in but not that kind of well, he needs to do great deeds and get better loot. He needs to learn how to be a Hunter.
First things first.
-What can I expect from a Hunter?
Hunters are the solo play kings/queens. They have great CC, decent damage and Lassie, a built in DOT and meatshield. They are easy to level, easy to roam around and quest in, and they are even easy to be decent in dungeons. They are also harder to play well than some of the other classes. In terms of PvP this is called the Skill Floor.

-What Race should I chose?
Honestly what ever looks the best to you. Just make sure that you are comfortable with looking at it’s back. Everything else is just meh. You can be anything but a Gnome. Sorry Gnomes, you have to wait until 7.0 comes out.

-Why can I not control this aggravating pet?
You get that skill at level 10. Way back when we had to walk barefoot in deep snow uphill both ways that was when we got our Taming Rod and began our quest to learn how to Tame Beasts. Now those days are gone and you get a pet right at the start.

-What about pets other than Lassie? Can I get her a break?
Ah, taming other pets. Here is one of the perks of being a Hunter Timmy. First off you need to be level 10 or higher. Then you have Lassie in the Stable or dismissed if you can have another pet follow you, which starts of at level 18. Now you need to have a free spot to tame another pet, just dismissing Lassie ain't enough. Once you have a a free spot you find the pet you want to tame. This pet cannot be of a higher level than you are to tame it. Go to to look at what pets you want and then start your journey to get your pet. Now You may begin to feel like Ash Ketchum and have the need to tame everything, you can do this if you want but the Stable only holds a set amount of pets. I'd just get what you want but save your Stable space for pets later on. Battle pets and having multiple Hunters can and do help fill this need.

-How do I tame a pet once I find one?
Now let me finish Timmy. When you have the space with you the you use the spell Tame Beast. Once you have Freezing Trap it is easier. Also Rapid Fire makes the channeling time of Tame Beast faster. There are some pets that are rare spawns, these have silver dragons on their unitframes and have names and many have titles. Some of the pets out there have a challenge built into them while others can be only tamed by certain factions.

-I tried to tame this beast with a funny name, he looked cool but I could not.
You may have just tried to tame a Druid in Cat, Travel, Flight or Bear form. It happens to some of us who are new to the game.

-Where are the Stables?
Stables are often outside an inn or near the Hunter Trainers in cities. Right-click your mimimap and move your cursor to the townsfolk section. There you will find the Stable Master which will have the Horseshoe Icon. Check that and every Stable Master available to you will appear on your minimap.

-What pet is the best pet?
Really there is no real best pet. It also depends on your server type as well. If you are going to be under the threat of being ganked, get a Spider or a Scorpid, any pet that either has a healing debuff or slows down a target. If not that, a Boar is the way to go. If the threat of ganking is not there I usually roll with a Bear to quest in, a Beetle or Turtle, Monkey or Fox for hard hitting things and a Wolf/Worg or Raptor to do dungeons with. is the pet information center.
Helpful hints: Keep food to feed you pet as it gives large portions of health back instantly. This helps between mobs or in fast respawning areas. Prowl for Cats and Spirit Walk for Spirit Beasts will autocast when you first tame them. right click it off and then attack something, a critter is easiest, then it won't come back on until you want it back on. From post #22
Do you think a new hunter would read the threads enough to see all the complaints about the current bugginess of pet AI? Ok put in the following instructions: If your group is about to take a short cut that involves jumping over an edge, step one, don't jump, step two dismiss pet, step three, jump. This is because hunters (and other pet classes) will jump and their pets will take whatever route you were supposed to take to get down, pulling every add, mob, and boss in its wake. If your group is taking a jump short cut, and you don't want to get kicked from group, follow said instructions.

Is your pet standing still attacking nothing no mater what you tell it to do? here are some tricks to get your pet to do something.
A put it on passive (bear eyes icon on pet bar) it should, in a few seconds, teleport to you, or run to you.
B dismiss and resummon, sometimes this is the only way to get it out of being stuck in the ground and los to everything.
C if your talented for it, blink strike, can get pet unstuck.
Here is a thread to check out: *As of .60 go here for the list of pet abilities

-Why do tanks keep screaming at me to turn off Growl?
Your pet has a spell named Growl. When grouped with others right click the ability on your Pet Bar to turn it off. If it has a march ant looking thing on it, then it will autocast. Growl is a taunt, it will pull aggro off the tank and they hate that. Make sure it's on your bar to turn it off and on often and to hit it to pull a mob off another player, like the healer or yourself. Healers love it when you save them because the tank is useless. shift-I brings up your pet's spellbook. It is also found among the panels of your spellbook.

-How will I know if I can tame the beast?
You use Beast Lore. This can even be used on players that take on animal forms (that may have changed but it's a fun idea to find out). It will tell you if it is an exotic, what food it will take, it's tamed abilities, health and armor. If it can not be tamed it will tell you and add some basic information. There are Challenge Tames out there so you may want to hit Petopia just to make sure. Also most rares share their skin with others of their type or similar species so you don't necessarily have to hunt down every rare you see unless you want to be be prepared to embody patience. They are rares for a reason.

-What's the best way to tame beasts?
Once you get Freezing Trap it becomes incredibly easy. You trap it and cast Tame Beast. Three things to remember, on you have to have an open slot with you to tame a beast, second, you have to dismiss the one you have active before taming, and finally unless you have all slots full, you do not have to abandon your pet.

-Do we get to name our pets?
Yup and after level 50 you can get an Inscriptionist to make a Certificate of Ownership to change it's name. By default in this game's program almost all but a few beasts are female or unknown, but that means nothing. Lassies, like her namesake could really be a Laddie if you want. There are a few things you can not name your pet, this is due to legal matters with copyrights so don't get mad if you can not name your Boar Spiderpig. Also formal titles will not work either. I would also avoid anything that might be offensive.

-What Spec should I be?
Well Timmy, that is up to you.

Beast Mastery is one of those specs that does lesser geared players wonders and it makes Lassie tougher.

Marksman is gear dependent but a lot of times you kill the mob before they come towards you.

Survival not all that dependent on gear and does constant damage once you get Lock N' Load to proc either by using Explosive Trap or Black Arrow it will be better. With the constant Pressure and shorter CD on traps at higher levels this is a PvP Spec, currently Blizzard has made it mostly useless in a group environment in PvE.

At level 30 you have the option of gaining a second talent tree, Specialization and even action bars that come up with this. It’s all up to what you like after that.

*As of 6.0 MM will be the top damaging talent but this really should not matter as this is a great solo class.

-Dual Talents?
This is one of those things you really don’t need but if you have the 10 gold to burn. If you don’t then it is not that big of a deal as you have only one role in this game, Damage Dealing ,which makes you a pure class. With Hybrid classes as they have more than one role in the game, it is a better option.

-What about Pet Specs?
Pets have three specializations, Ferocity, Tenacity and Cunning. All pets have access to these three. Before pets were limited to types of pets, boars and bears were tanking pets, cats and wolves were raid/dungeon pets, Spiders and Carrion Birds PvP pets.
Ferocity is the DPS Specialization. It's used in a group settings when you want to maximize your DPS. It brings Heart of the Phoenix (and instant pet rez on a shared 8 minute CD with other pets) and Rabid an (AP increase).
Tenacity is the Tanking Specialization which is best for solo play but I also keep a second pet with this Spec when in dungeons for those uh-oh moments when the Tank or the Heals dies. It brings Last Stand (pet health increase with a 6 minute CD) and ThunderStomp (an AoE attack for threat, note this will break CC).
Cunning is the PvP Specialization. It brings Roar of Sacrifice (reduces Crits on friendly targets and transfers damage to the pet), Bullheaded (a PvP Trinket for your pet) and other useful spells for PvP.

- How do I change my pets spec?
Bring up your Spec, on the lower part of that window it will say Pet. Click on that and then click on the spec you want it to be, the click on the "Learn" Button. This can not be done in combat or Battle Grounds.

-What about Glyphs? *This Section is In Need of an Update*
You get one Major Glyph and one Minor Glyph at level 25 I recommend Glyph of Mending or Mend Pet as your fist Major and either Glyph of Fetch or Glyph of Aspect of the Beast, the latter is better for PvP and RPPVP servers, the former is for convenience. Then at level 50 I would get Distracting Shot as your Major and what ever of the two Minors you did not get from before. At level 75 I suggest Animal Bond for your Major and Minors are your choice but I’d say Glyph of Tame Beast just to make Taming easier. I avoid Glyph of Pathfinding as you already have a mount four levels before you get Cheetah and it’s overridden by being in any guild Level 3 and up with the same speed increase. If you are Guildless, then it might be worthwhile. Now there some Glyphs that are either/or, you can either have one or the other, and there are also Glyphs that alter other things.
*As of 6.0 you will get Glyphs open to you as you level.

-What about Talents?
You get a talent every fifteen or so levels and there some that are bleh and some that are good.
The honest choice is now really what ever you want chose, there is no real right answer, no real wrong answer while leveling.

-I just learned that I can't tame some beasts but I see other Hunters use them as pets. Why is that?
Beast Mastery has an ability called Exotic Beasts. There is also a book that drops on the Isle of Giants that allows you to tame Dire Horns. You'll need to be at least 90 to tame them. There are some beast that were tamable at one point but are no longer tamable now. Some of those pets did might not have actually be Beasts. Also there are some beasts that are not found until one reaches a higher level.

-What kind of weapon can I use?
Guns, Bows and Crossbows are the only remaining Hunter weapons left. These can not be enchanted but they use Scopes to get the same affect.
You can equip Swords, Axes, Daggers, Polearms, and Fist Weapons, you can even mix the types if they are one handed weapons. This was done solely for Role Playing. If you want to Role Play then go to and study up. Now that I think about it Role Players should also go here as well.

-What kind of Stats do I need?
Agility and Stamina. Crit is nice to but the former two are what to shoot for. Other stats are Mastery and Haste; and for Multistrike, Versitility and Leach. You should avoid Intellect, Strength, Spirit, Spell Power, Bonus Armor. As you level you might find an upgrade with one of the stats mixed with Agility or Stamina and that is fine as long as you don't step on anyone else’s toes to get it. You don’t need that Mail piece that has both Agility and Intellect (of the Falcon items) if there is a Shaman there with a main or off spec of Enhance.

-What is this Tracking I now have?
All Hunters get the ability to track everything but Mechanical and Aberration/Slime Mobs, Mining Veins, Fish Schools and Herbs. Mining Veins, Fish Schools and Herbs are trainable when you have the corresponding professions (Find Fish comes from a book you get while fishing) These will appear on your minimap, all players will be dots with silver borders, all NPCs, Pets and Minions that are not your own will have gold borders. Your pet has a white or silver border on your minimap as if it's part of your group. Everything that belongs to a profession will flash. In cities you might want to turn off Track Humans and if you are hunting a particular mob, like pets to tame, you might want to turn off everything but Track Hidden and that particular type of tracking that fits. Keep Track Hidden on at all times as it increases your stealth detection.
-What rotation should I use?
There is no rotation, just a priority in what shots to use over the others. For leveling it's pretty much what ever keeps your threat below the tanks or Lassie's. You might find yourself Feigning Death to drop aggro.
*A special note on KC and the use, Mastery which you will get at level 80 increases your pet’s damage as BM making KC a better choice to Arcane Shot by then but until then I recommend that it is used to keep the threat down on your Hunter. In solo play it will increase your pet’s agro. Also KC is on your action bar and you cast it but the pet attacks and all credit for it goes to your pet. You use KC to kill something and that is all that kills it, you can not loot it.

-I am running out of bars to put spells and macros!
Congratulations, you have reached a time in your game play that you have come across one of the problems Hunters used have, ability Bloat. Time to get and action bar addon. I like Bartender4 and Dominoes. I also would get a few more mentioned Mezasu's thread.

-What kind of Armor do I get?
You start off with Leather and at level 40 you get Mail. Up and until level 50 you can get away with a few pieces of Leather Armor but you need to get all Mail by then. With BoA armor this is done automatically. Keep in mind that Shaman go through the same armor as you plus Mail for casters. Enhance Shaman use the exact same armor and until level 40, Monks, Rogues and Druids all use the same as well. Don't get hurt or angry at the players of those classes or specs if they roll on the same armor as you and win. Also many have a mindset of if I can Need on it, I will even if it is no use to me. Get used to that and be willing to just move on. In some cases you might get away with calling someone a Ninja, others people will be apathetic.

-We get Heirlooms?
Why yes you do. Just hit Shift-P and go you your Heirlooms Page. There you should have choices in Heirlooms. If you Already have Heirlooms, log into the Character that has them and they are learned. Then just click on your selection and you are done. Note that before level 40 you need to select All Classes and individually select the Agility Mail Armor pieces to get them. Otherwise you will have the selection of Leather Agility gear. You also have access to Heirloom melee weapons you can equip this way too. Unfortunately the Heirloom PvP Trinkets are faction based only.

-What Enchants should I use?
Well, with your weapons you use a scope. Beyond that it is not really needed. Crit, MS and Vers are all decent Choices. Pre-WoD enchants will last you until WoD Item levels.

-What are Aspects and which ones should I use?
Aspects are your version of stances so you should follow with what you need at the time.
AotC: is what you’ll use when mounts can not be used but you’ll want to get round fast. Just don’t use it when you might take a hit of some kind as it dazes you. You also get this at level 24, after you get your mount. It’s something Blizzard needs to update already. Glyphing this is needed if leveling in BGs.
AotF: is gone
AotP: usually used after group wipes such as raid or dungeons, it has the same shortcomings as Cheetah but it’s now felt by everyone. Make sure to turn this off when you reach you destination. I always do it a few yards short. Also note that Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah only works on AotC, it will not work on Pack.
AotB: is when you are flagged PvP or even just don’t want to be found. It really should be baseline but it’s optional as it is.

-What about Traps and Trap Launcher?
There are four Traps you will use, Explosive Trap, an AoE DOT, Snake Trap, this is a Glyphed replacement for Ice Trap and is meant to be a PvP trap, it releases little fragile snakes that give Slowing Poisons to the target while ignoring those CC'd, Freezing Trap which shares DR with Wyvern Sting, and Ice Trap (formally named Frost Trap) which shared a CD with Freezing Trap and is an AoE slow, both will trigger LnL. A Glyph turns this into Snake Trap. These take practice and creativity to use. Have fun with it.
The downsides of Traps are that they have a period where they need to arm, this happens when it is being launched. The radius where it can be triggered is also incredibly small. Trap Launcher toggles on and off, I usually keep it on and hang back in case I need to kite. This requires that you are within LoS to work.

-Do we get to fly through the air in reverse?
Ah, Disengage, oh how I love thee. Disengage is a gap maker. In PvP it is used only when gap closers are used. In PvE it's a great tool in Kiting. If you spin around and hit Disengage, you can turn back in mid air and land forwards of the mob/player. Be careful that you don't use it around cliffs or you might fall off of them. In that case Lassie won't be able to get help because when you die, she despawns. While in the air you can use instant cast shots and stings. I will used Concussive Shot often while doing.
The downsides are that if you are stunned you will just drop where you are stunned if not jerked back to the spot where you leaped from. You also can not use Disengage on inclines. This is either working as intended or bugs Blizzard is too lazy to fix. I say the former is laziness and the latter is intended.

-I am taking so much damage what should I do?
Use Deterrence. It's one of your uh-oh buttons. It reduces all damage taken by 30%. During this time you can not attack but you can Heal your pet, rez your pet, use Traps, Disengage, even go Big Red. It is great when you need to have a tank pull off of you or to gain some time. Dwarfs can add Stoneform with this to either increase the damage reduction or to extend the time damage is reduced. This now comes with a ridiculous 3 minute CD but has two charges.

-I have MD but the Tank doesn't want me to pull.
Well, don't pull. Tanks have their own abilities to pull mobs or groups of mobs and you may catch them, the Healers or the rest of the group off guard by doing it. Only pull when the tank asks you to pull.

-What happens when I am slowed down?
You use Master's Call. It removes all movement impairing effects and makes you immune to them for 4 seconds. Use this Macro
#showtooltip Master's Call
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Master's Call
/cast [target=Little Timmy] Master's Call

-What can I do to drop my threat?
Feign Death drops you onto the floor and makes you but not Lassie appear dead, even to the point that your tooltip say that you are resurrectable. In all but a few cases you will be passed up for a corpse by NPCs. In PvP it is used so that the enemy drops you from target. At level 76 you will get Misdirection, cast this on the tank or your pet and for 4 seconds all threat you make short of DS will transfer to the target. Make sure who know who you are MDing. Night Elves have Shadowmeld which makes you vanish in place and drop threat as well.

-What can help me see stealth mobs even more?
Flare animates like a Flare IRL, and it has a radius that decreases the amount of stealth a mob or player has while within it's radius. It's not perfect but it helps.

-Is there a way for me to see what's over there?
Eagle Eyes is a channeled ability that lets you see over distances. This is used to scout position in both PvP and PvE. It can make searching for a quest item or a rare beast to tame easier. Shaman also have this ability but it is know as Far Sight. Engineers also have an item called Ornate Spyglass which is line of sight only and not as flexible.
-What about Professions?
You can go three routes for your Primary Professions, two gathering professions, two production professions or one of each. Here’s a list of Primary Professions:
Skinning: Most beasts, Yetis and some Demons will give you skins or scraps. No critters can be skinned.
Mining: Usually found around rock formations, mountains, in caves and cliffs. Rock elementals, stone beasts, giants, some stone humanoids cal be mined.
Herbalism: Often found anywhere with certain types being in certain areas such as beaches/riverbanks, next to trees, on rocks and even near buildings. This can be use on plant giants and elementals.
Leatherworking/LW: You can make your own armor, can be sold in the AH as well.
Blacksmithing/BS: You can make weapons and armor for other classes.
Engineering: Make your own Guns, bombs, Trinkets and other toys.
Jewlcrafting/JC: Make your own or sell Necklaces, Rings, Trinkets, Gems.
Alchemy: Potions and a few trinkets to sell, give or use.
Inscriptionist: You make your own Glyphs, Staves, and a few other things. This can make money.
Enchanting: Enchant your own gear or sell it in the AH
Tailoring: Make Bags or equip clothing alts.
Of these Blacksmithing and Tailoring are next to useless for you. Tailoring will get you bags but that is about it. Blacksmithing allows you to socket gems in your gloves and bracers but that isn’t until you are on your way to 90.
Skinning/LW, Mining/Engineering are the two most natural combinations of gathering/producing with Skinning being used on most of the mobs you kill and LW giving you the armor that you need. The biggest issue with them is that LW can be a pain to level. The biggest Issue with the other combination is that Engineering levels faster than Mining but that can also mean that you can sell your excess mats in the AH for profit. Herbalism/Alchemy/Inscription or Mining/JC are also great choices. If you run two types of gathering professions you will want to sell the products in the AH for a profit. I would not run two types of producing professions unless you can farm the mats or afford to buy them in the AH.

-What about Cooking, Fishing and such?
The secondary professions are something that you should level up.
Fishing is a bit of a gathering profession for cooking and some things for Alchemy as well. There are also other things that can be fished up. There is a book that is fished up that teaches you how to track Schools of Fish, including Floating Debris.
Cooking is a great way to get buffed as well as getting you health up. Pandarans get twice the buff from foods.
First Aid is to get health up. Level it, use it. You can make antivenoms to get rid of poisons.
Archeology has got some nice odds and ends, it’s a might as well use it when you see a spot for it, thing but at least there are items you can vendor or use. This one you may want to wait until you are at maximum level when you can fly around to the different sites to level it.

-One reserved spot will be for tips and tricks.-
Macros: Script for modifying certain abilities so that you can customized it as needed/wanted. Hitting /M in chat is the most common way to bring it up. I suggest writing them down on a word processor program and copy/pasting them on any alt's marco section.

I credit Bandet for these macros.
Mouse Over Offensive abilities follow the model below. You can right click the ability to speed up the spelling. This also works on Beast Lore. This model also works for pet abilities such as Bad Manners, Pummel and even Growl.

#showtooltip Scatter Shot
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Scatter Shot
/cast Scatter Shot

You can replace my Master's Call macro with Roar of Sacrifice and have the same effect leaving you as the Default Target.

If you are curious as to what gender you pet or anything else in the game is then use this Macro (most beasts come up with as unknown):
/run local x=UnitSex("target");local g={"n unknown!", " boy!", " girl!"} n=GetUnitName("target");if IsShiftKeyDown()then SendChatMessage(n .." is a" ..g[x],"SAY");else print(n .." is a" ..g[x]);end

There is no real cast sequence macro, no way to toss out all traps at once. Sorry.
Finally... for now!
hawt and by hawt I mean I support this message.
On the BM abbreviation you have bad banners in stead of Bad manners. looks like your spell check is messin with you.
Also, heres a great hunter pet thread

A tip for new hunters, if the growl spell has those yellow ants running around its edge, its still turned on.
On the BM abbreviation you have bad banners in stead of Bad manners. looks like your spell check is messin with you.
Fixed it thank you.
hawt and by hawt I mean I support this message.
Thank you too.
Also, heres a great hunter pet thread

A tip for new hunters, if the growl spell has those yellow ants running around its edge, its still turned on.
Added thanks again.
Im gona look over your thread a little more to see if there is anything missing a low lv hunter would need to know.

Edit 1, also on the "other hunters use them as pets but i cant tame section" id mention dire horns and their requirements.
Im gona look over your thread a little more to see if there is anything missing a low lv hunter would need to know.

Edit 1, also on the "other hunters use them as pets but i cant tame section" id mention dire horns and their requirements.
Thanks, I did this while sick so I know I missed as few things. I wanted to keep it short but after looking at it I think it might be too short.
Id add the little marching ants thing for growl, it may sound stupid, but its amazing how many hunters don't know what growl looks like when it is turned on, they typically look for it being on cd to tell. Same goes for any pet ability, if it has the ants, its on auto cast (the word ants is a term a guildie who's main is a warrior came up with to understand how to tell if pet abilities are on auto cast, its a good tip for someone who doesn't understand how auto cast abilities on pets work).
Adding the marching ant thing for Prowl and Spirit Walk since it's a commonly asked question too.
Adding the marching ant thing for Prowl and Spirit Walk since it's a commonly asked question too.

for those, make sure you tell them that prowl/spirit walk wont drop until the pet attacks something, the ants may be gone, but prowl wont disable until the pet deals dmg, used to be able to use eyes of the beast to get the pet to drop prowl.
03/26/2013 05:48 AMPosted by Eurugan
Adding the marching ant thing for Prowl and Spirit Walk since it's a commonly asked question too.

for those, make sure you tell them that prowl/spirit walk wont drop until the pet attacks something, the ants may be gone, but prowl wont disable until the pet deals dmg, used to be able to use eyes of the beast to get the pet to drop prowl.
got it covered
Hmm, i notice you didn't mention pet specs, returning hunters and new hunters are confused by this, while the pet thread i got you to link mentions it, you think its necessary to bring that up at all? Like tenacity being good for soloing as it makes your pet stronger and easier to heal, and ferocity doing more dmg and not pulling as much threat?
Hmm, i notice you didn't mention pet specs, returning hunters and new hunters are confused by this, while the pet thread i got you to link mentions it, you think its necessary to bring that up at all? Like tenacity being good for soloing as it makes your pet stronger and easier to heal, and ferocity doing more dmg and not pulling as much threat?
Give me a chance to add it, vomiting and posting don't mix that well.
Lol, sorry, when I see a helpful thread like this, I sorta go overboard with a "how can I help improve this" mentality.

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