Best choice for LFR Hunter weapon

Durumu's Baleful Gaze
Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow
Voice of the Quilen

Those are the 3 weapons I've got in mind to be the replacement of my 2/2 LFR Fang Kung bow. But I'm not too sure which one I should aim for. Maxdps says the bow is the best option, whilst scatteredshots says the gun is the better one.

Any thoughts on this?
Maxdps gives a higher value on expertise and hit as they are usually the most important stats until you hit the cap. It isn't hard to hit the cap. You get 3 mogu charms per week and the only boss currently available that drops a range weapon is Tortos. Durumu isn't going to be out until next week and Iron Qon won't be available until April 16. If you are hoping to save tokens and run LFR multiple times for the gun, you'll hit the cap for mogu charms by the time April 16 rolls around.
Voice of the Quilen is best unless/until they hotfix its stats. It's overbudget on Agility and underbudget on Stamina -- I sincerely doubt this was intentional.

If/when it is fixed to be budgeted like the others, Drumuru's Baleful Gaze is probably best. Especially if you're overcapping on hit, like hunters will tend to in T15.

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