Mobile Armory Login still going on

Mobile Bug Report
For many versions I still get a time out I do on my mobile phone or my nexus 7 which is on Wifi

I was unsure if it is on the forums here but on the app site you read nothing but login problems

It started well before the app was free to use with out paying 3 bucks a month

It can take up to 50 or so try's to get into correctly

Maybe blizzard needs to check for more dead hamsters in the system

Your rating on google is getting lower and lower when I first used it you were at 4.9 and now it is like 4.4 or so

Why is the app doing this for considering how large this company is updates and to wow builds are slow as well

The bug is over 7 months old it is older than MoP it is

Please fix and look into it fast to make the app to the way it used to be instant login's not hitting the Retry more than 2 times but hey I hit it close to 50 sometimes to get a login and as the server stops responding maybe servers need upgrading
There are no general issues with connection that I am aware of so this will require some investigation. Please provide the following information for each device:

  • Device model
  • OS version
  • Mobile Armory version
  • Network carrier
  • Is the device rooted/jailbroken?
  • Does this happen while connected to WiFi?
  • Does this happen while over your network carrier?
  • If both, does this happen most often over WiFi or your network carrier?
  • Does this issue clear up if you log out of the app and re-login?
  • If logging out and back in does not resolve the issue, what about after force closing the application?
  • If Forceclosing and relaunching the application does not resolve the issue, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
This suggests that there's either an issue with the guild, your account/character, or the realm Emerald Dream.

Is anyone else in your guild having these issues?

Do you recall if you performed any paid services or transfers around that time?

Also, have you had someone try to log into the Mobile Armory with a different account on one of your devices to see if it still occurs?

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