A couple retribution suggestions (and feral)

Also maybe make it while you have Divine Purpose, every time you cast Inquisition you get a free Divine Purpose, that would be pretty cool imo.

I would only agree with that if it was a 3 holy power inq.
every1 would do 1 holy power inq's and then follow it with a 3 holy power inq then a tv, ds or wog if it was set up as simple as you put it.
Inq and bubble off gcd would be amazing.

Same with switching seals, imo.

For pvp our most important buff would be to have dp usable while cc'ed. Gimme now for love of all the is holy!!!

Drives me crazy every time i get feared and focused. I always think, "this wouldnt be a big deal if i was on my rdruid."

And then i play him and this toon collects moth balls

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