480 ret pally

How much DPS is decent for a 480 ilvl ret pally. I was pulling about 63-70k in MSV, is that any good because this is really worrying me.
Needs more context. LFR, reg, heroic? Full melee buffs? Exact gear? Rotation, Inq uptime, burst management?

Logs appreciated, link to actual Ret acceptable.
It was regular MSV, I did have all buffs my gear is all LFR gear, I use CLC ret so I have my Inq up all the time. I burst about 120k and i'd rather not show because i'm kind of embarresed ;_;
Depends a lot on the fight, too. Some fights are more favorable towards melee than others.
On Feng I pull about 65-70k.
No log, no armory...Hard to tell. 65~70k seems about right, though, I guess. If your gear is all T14 LFR gear, it's certainly not a bad damage range.
I can see your pally~

Enchant your bracers that you've had for a while now.
Do not gem Expertise.
Having professions might help.

Really though, you need to advance your gear to increase your DPS. Your haste seems decent for your ilvl, but your strength looks low. You'd have to have yourself simmed to see what would be a bigger benefit to your DPS. There are people here that are nice enough to do that, so don't be afraid to show your pally. We all needed help at some point.
Alright well thanks, well here's my pally if anyone cares.
Okay. So.

No clear gemming bias, though it appears to be leaning more towards strength; simmed you, and haste-biased is the way you should be going. Skipping a pair of socket bonuses; as Ret, we value pretty much every socket bonus except hit/expertise in excess of cap. Missing an enchant on bracers, poor-man's enchant on gloves (enchants aren't a big deal with new LFR open, though, for easy upgrades). Personally, I'd use Pandaren's Step for boots instead of the haste if you're not specced for Pursuit of Justice; the minor passive speed buff is nice for getting out of fire while waiting that last second or so for Judgment to come off cooldown for the real speed.

The 4pT14 would help, too, if you still want to gun for it; 2pT14/2pT15 would be better, which would still require you to scrounge up another piece ofT14, though. Helm and shoulders both drop from Terrace, so one run a week for VP and coin two bosses. Your trinkets are actually quite good, so try to avoid the Vortex off Lei Shi and the Dominance Offensive trink.

You do need to get your profession up - and pick a second! Blacksmithing is really strong for free sockets (flexible for any spec), anything else is a toss up. Pretty much any other profession would be fine, but Engineering, Tailoring, and Herbalism would be the ones I'd recommend - Enginering's benefits are massive and insane, but either of the other two would give you comparable burst while being easier to level. Any other profession will just give static primary stat buffs.
Thanks alot Grognard, you're my hero :D
No prob, man; I just try to help where I can.
How do you go about SIMing a character? I'd love to know what it would say about me.

Best way that I've found is to use SimulationCraft. It's got a fairly user-friendly interface and the basics are rather simple to learn, but there's a lot of customization and manipulation options available to play with things without sinking a ton of in-game gold into changing things up.

Finding stat weights is not a baseline function, though. To get accurate stat weights, you have to go to the Options/Globals tab and set iterations to a minimum of 10,000 (I usually run at 25,000), then over to Scaling and check the boxes for the stats you want weighed. Then you import your character, simulate it, and wait for the results.
Tis why I don't PvE lol Getting the stats you need to the exact percise measure and having the right gear, gemming, enchanting, reforging all that it sounds harder than the hardest raid on heroic mode in current content... rather do that than go through all that lol.
Yeah it's most definatly a struggle.
Your dps is low, but understandably because you have a fair amount of pvp gear. That 120k initial burst is usual for ret pallys to pull in the first 20 seconds of combat. your average should drop to about half of your initial burst, so pulling 60-65k is to be expected. replace the contenders gear with more useful stats and you'll be right where you're supposed to be.

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