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Shattered Hand
just reactivated after quite a few years off, the game looks better than ever but I am without a doubt in need of a guild that can help groom me. Im not sure if shattered hand is the right server for me but I started here years back and would like to continue playing. Looking for leveling/raids/bg , but i am just looking for a chance. Hopefully there are still some social guilds around...
Heh, Shattered Hand is dead. Pick a different server.
Heh, Shattered Hand is dead. Pick a different server.

Says the alliance. Horde side, however, is doing just fine. Welcome back and good luck :)
We have a pretty solid raiding community right now. It really depends on how much work you're willing to put in.

I'm sure there are a lot of guilds that are looking for players with a great attitude to not only progress their character with the guild but help the guild improve as a whole.
I'm ready to put in some solid hours, contribute and gain valuable exp, i have never had the honor to be a part of a functioning and active guild in WoW. Just figured i would post here in hopes that there is one of those guilds actively recruiting.

So if there is on, shoot me a messg

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