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Wyrmrest Accord
I started leveling a human the other day. Probably yesterday. I don't remember. Anyway, I step out of the starting area and into the forest. I made my way to Goldshire, ready to explore Fargodeep mine and the other mine, Jaserplode, I think? Well, anyway. That's not important to the story. What IS important is that I took one step into Goldshire and my FPS took a quick plummet. "That can't be good." I mused to myself as I wandered into the inn to grab my quests... My FPS had managed to balance back out again with everything loaded. However, as I took a step in I noticed a very strange amount of people in the inn. This isn't usual. But, whatever.

I go to sell the stuff I don't need or want in my inventory and get an odd message from someone from Moonguard; "Hey, girl, want to have some fun? ;)" I assure you the winky face was there, but the rest of the sentence I have had to piece together. I do believe this man (Or woman) was in quite a bit of pain when they were writing. I'm not sure why they would want to run off and have fun when they're in such pain. Regardless, I whispered them back and told them that I was a busy, but thanks for the offer. I got a few more messages along the same thought-- but I could hardly read any of them. All of them from Moonguard folk. Maybe it's an interference with CRZ... No one can possibly type that bad. I refuse to believe it.

ANYWAY... I go to the guy where you get the candles, I think? He asks you to grab candles, another guy asks for gold dust (Like that'll do him any good.) However, there was an outbreak of naked night elves and pandaren women ontop of the guy! I couldn't click one without clicking on one of them. I thought that my amount of gold was destitute-- but these poor players hadn't a single copper on them to purchase clothing. I'm still unsure as to why they sold their starter clothing. I know the clothes don't look too great, but they're at least something to cover your nakedness. And why level one? It's not too hard to start leveling.

But what really got me were their names. I think I saw someone named Hissex. How ridiculous is that? You can't just have your name as "Hiss" with an ex at the end of it. Jeeze, RPers now adays. Anyway, I've got to say that I had a lot of fun trying to run my human through that and will Definitely without a doubt want to do it again.

On a serious note, though-- when did WRA and MG start sharing a GS? I don't remember it being like this last month.
My friend, this is sadly old news. Sometimes...

*pauses for effect*

things change.
5.2 somehow did something that made stuff just...bad. We aren't supposed to talk about it though. Any mention of it seems to warrant a swift axe from the mods.

Thanks Blizz.
Any mention of it seems to warrant a swift axe from the mods.

I almost welcome this. I could use a free character transfer from Ravenholdt to here.
I had a chuckle reading this. Would read again.

I needed a vacation anyway.

Seriously though? Moon Guard...they need to quarantine that er...garbage.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
I actually haven't had that big of an issue with CRZ, even though I was on of the ones against it from the start. Elwynn is bad, but other than that, it's been alright.

The presence of a Moonkin there in that second picture worries me.
^THAT^ was taken on WrA a week ago in case anyone was wondering.

I considered taking up a collection to bribe the Horde into descending upon Goldshire. But then I saw a member of Ninth Org on one of the beds Bear Form and quickly shelved THAT idea. *shudder*

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
I had a chuckle reading this. Would read again.


I like CRZs.

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