so confused

OK, I just finished grinding out the PvP holy set with the intent to heal more often.
But for some reason In bg's I feel like my heals are a joke and don't do much of crap..I guess I'm still thinking of how it was when I was last PvP healing when you could stand in 1 spot an just spam flash all day long an never go OOM but oh my..that was like 5 years ago ><

Anyway I know I could stand to manage my cd's more effectively an such..but over all I just feel weak as it just me..if so what the hell am I doing wrong here? I am open to any advice or tips b/c as this stands right now I feel like I'm just running around bandaging instead of actually giving out heals....
Healers need to manage mana now.
Can't spam all day, use your instants as much as possible.
Spam Holy Shock to proc Infusion of Light then use the proc on whatever the current situation calls for. At 3 HoP use Eternal Flame. Try not to cast Flash of Light too much, it will run you oom quickly. Once you have 4p set you can be a little more liberal with Flash usage since it will generate HoP.

Your stat priority is a little off. It goes as follows Mastery = Spirit > Crit > Haste

Also, I'd drop Malevolent Gladiator's Insignia of Dominance for Malevolent Gladiator's Emblem of Meditation.

What you should be shooting for in terms of gemming and reforging.
thnx man got the trinket an made some changes an seeing how this helps.

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