(H) Maelstrom - Turalyon Reroll (4/5/13)

Guild Recruitment
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Turalyon-US Horde-PvE


Maelstrom will be a reroll guild on Turalyon server (PvE). The Reroll will begin at Midnight server time on 4/5/13. This will be an adult guild based on having a good time and casual raiding. You must be 18 years of age to join, or older.

We will start out with plans to run 10 mans and if the guild progresses well we will look into multiple 10 man runs and possible 25 man content as well. Although the guild will be considered casual we will not waste your time and we do not expect you to waste our.
If you are easily offended this will NOT be the guild for you. All members will be encouraged to use the Mumble/Vent server and forums as often as possible.

I raided into Naxx in Vanilla and I ran a raiding guild in BC that progressed into Black Temple. I have been an Officer in a couple other guilds in my time on WoW. I am recently returning to WoW to do this after some time spent away due to medical issues. I am extremely excited about building a new guild, making new friends, and seeing what we can do together.

• Good Attendance
• Know your class
• Situational awareness
• Be on time and ready to raid

• Casual Raiding Schedule
• Loot Council
• Mumble/Vent

RaF’s will be allowed. BoA’s will be allowed.
DK’s must be 55
Panda’s must be fresh off the Island
All others must be level 1
No transfers or pre-existing characters will be invited at this time.
Raiding will begin when we have enough leveled and geared members.
*Officer and Raid Leader positions are OPEN as of right now.*

RAID TIMES (Server Time - Eastern)
• Thursday 7:00pm - 10:30pm
• Friday 7:00pm - 10:30pm
• Occasionally we may run about 30 minutes over

APPLY AT http://maelstrom-turalyon.enjin.com/

If you are interested or have questions please visit our website or leave me an in game mail. Thank you.
Social members will be welcome in Maelstrom.
All classes are being recruited at this time and will remain open for a while.
If you're looking for new friends, a fresh start, or simply want to roll with a new guild, why don't you come join us.
Come join us.
Mmmm reroll goodness.
Looking for more.
8 more days.
Off til Morning.
sounds promising
Good Morning.

7 days til Reroll.

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