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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Looking for a Progression oriented guild.
Reply for more info please.
Hey Mate,
Storm hammer on saurfang are looking to secure more raiders as our ten man team recently lost a couple of players bringing a halt to our progression early in the tier.

our team is strong yet needs a couple more solid members to complete it.

we do stick to a "casual" schedule raiding only 2 nights a week but we do work hard to do the best we can in that time.

before we lost our members we had easily worked our way to the last phase of horridon.

if you are interested feel free to hit me up in game Real id = Fish#6931
you can also check our website if you like

Looking for a tank for our 10man 2nd group

Raiding - Wed, Sun, Mon

8:30 - Midnight (ST) - will be 8:00-11:30 once DST has finished
Hey mate, wouldnt mind having a chat with you and some stage if your still in the hunt for a guild.

My Battle-net tag is Kingbant#1345. Feel free to add me if you see this and we can work out whether we can offer what your after.
Hey mate. Me and a few friends have just made a new guild <Waiting for a Mate> - Frostmourne [A]

pretty much we all come from a strong raiding background but are over the feeling of it being a second job. we agree raiding should be more about having fun and a laugh than getting upset if you're not no.1 - but dont take that the wrong way we are still bloody good players and very keen for progression.

I will be raid leading the group, lead all through FL (6/7H) and DS (8/8H) and once i get all the members for the new guild i hope to finish this patch with atleast half heroic clear.

Reply via forum or add my battletag (ActionMann93#6342) and chat when i'm online :)

we're looking to get into raiding as soon as i fill the roster. 7:30-11pm Wed/Sun/Mon - probably starting at 8:30 on mondays due to commitments.

cheers and hope to chat soon :)
<Furiously> is a progression raiding guild that focuses on heroic raid content. We are an Australian / New Zealand Horde guild located on the Oceanic server of Gundrak.

We are looking for similar quality players who are dedicated to end game progression. This means putting in extra time outside of raids to learn mechanics, watch videos and enhance your skills.

Our goals are to clear heroic content before the next tier of content. We keep a fairly tight roster to keep sitting to min while maintaining enough to maintain quality raids, for this reason we require high attendance and high performance.

Guild Requirements
* Exceptional raid attendance.
* Stable reliable internet and gaming ready computer.
* Excellent raid awareness putting mechanics first.
* Thorough class knowledge including off specs.
* Ventrilo with a working mic able to make calls.
* Being team focused including bringing class utility.
* English speaking Australian / New Zealand based players

Raid Schedule
Wednesday, Thursday. Sunday and Monday
Raid Times: 8:30pm - 11:30pm AEST (GMT+10)

Guild Progression
* T13 Heroic: 8/8 heroic
* T14 Heroic: 15/16 heroic
* T15 1/12 heroic 12/12 normal

Current Recruitment
1 plate tank

Loot Distribution Method
Normal: /roll
Heroic: Loot Council by guild Officers

Apply here http://www.furiousguild.com.au/recruitment
Or contact in game for more details Jace#1650
<Is A Panda> is a late night 25 man guild (GMT+8)

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild because we are progression oriented. At the same time Is A Panda is a bit more relaxed as we all know and understand that real life comes first. Solid raiding spots are given to those who are consistantly reliable
first. We are a progression guild though, so performance is also important. If you can show us that you are reliable and skilled or at least progressing your skills then this is what we are looking for.

What are we looking for:

We are after players who can make all our progression raid nights consistently. Attendance is important in this guild and if you cant make our times we have casual ranks to accommodate players who cant raid on a regular basis.

Do not Apply if:

► You cannot be reliable in regards to showing up for raids
► You don't want to raid in a 25man group
► You don't want to work with a team long-term so we can help each other progress
► You will be tired the next day due to school/work

What are we Recruiting:
Accepting application's from the following class's/spec's:

**Feral Druid**
**Retribution Paladin**
** Exceptional Players **

<Is A Panda's> Progression:

► 16/16 NM 5.1 raids
► 1/12 NM TOT

Raid Times: Server time is same as Eastern Standard Time

►Wednesday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+ or (12.00pm to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Thursday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+ or (12.00pm to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Sunday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+ or (12.00pm to 3.00am - Server Time)

Most of us are Australian and Perth based but anyone who can make these times is welcome.

Conversion for US players: (excuse me if this may be wrong, but im sure its correct)
► 6.00am to 9.00am PST
► 8.00am to 11.00am CST
► 9.00am to 12.00pm EST

If you are interested in joining, come stop by our website http://isapanda.shivtr.com/
Alternatively you could PST Andrelus(me) or Vorpål in game for a chat if you have any additional info you need or add my battletag Kaddy#1158.

*Hi there, we stopped progression for a few weeks to get geared up for more progression and we are going to start progressing through ToT more this week.
<Vicious Cycle> is a guild based in Frostmourne, we have done 4/6 HM MV, 1/6 HM HoF 4/4 ToES so far with a slugish start to raiding this xpac. We formed on the 25th of September 2011, and have from then so far downed 6/7HM FL b4 DS came out, and downed 8/8HM DS in June thanks to D3 and various roster issues. At the present are going in ToT with our 10 man group.

We are 11/12 ToT 10 man.


Our raiding times are as follows, keep in mind we RARELY raid on Sunday that is basically if we are close to a new heroic kill and need to get it down we go Monday, otherwise we raid only Weds/Thurs/ Monday from 12:30 am svt to 3:30am (11:30am svt to 2:30 am svt after DST is out) Frostmourne svt time

You can get in touch with us on real ID

Tundra - Roosh#1938

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