WTS Level 25 guild [Horde Side]

<we stand in fire>
170+ members (most inactive, but some still playing)
4 bank tabs w/ some low level stock (not much, but it's something)

I bought this guild awhile back with plans to (obviously) rename it and try and recruit, but some RL stuff has gotten in the way and I haven't been able to successfully fulfill the role of a GM, so I'm trying to sell it to somebody who might be interested.

With a name change and some new blood, who knows? There's plenty of new players looking for guilds to join, so this could be an aspiring GM's chance to create something of their own.

I've sold a few level 25 guilds in the past, so I know what they tend to be worth. However, this one definitely doesn't have all the bells and whistles unlocked for you, so I know that affects the value. Please feel free to message/mail me an offer. I won't respond to lowball offers, but I'm also not looking for 100k either. I'm closer to 50K or best offer. I'd also be willing to accept trades if the value is fair or close to fair. I've played the AH for a couple years, so once again, I know the value of most things. I have a particular interest in the Sapphire Panther JC mount, so I'd actually be willing to accept a little less for the guild if that were included as a trade.

Feel free to add my BT and message me in-game or send in-game mail. I'm usually on late at night, so expect a response around then.

BT - Synyster18#1167

Hope everybody has a great day. May your rolls be high and gear be epic!

Bump. Guild still available. Willing to go 35K for it.
Definitely interested in this. I'll contact you in game tomorrow.

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