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Love mine. He is an absolute critter destroyer.

Please ignore PvP whines for nerfs. PvP is silly no one cares - stop spoiling our PvE fun by ruining the strong pets.

Please ignore egocentric people who think that just because they don't partake in a part of the game that it is insignificant.

Pet Battles aren't really fun for me until you get to fighting a real, thinking opponent in PvP.

The PvE battles do the same thing every single time, and you can just stack a team that counters each one if you feel like it. Boring.

I feel the same way. I still do the dailies for stones and leveling pets. Coming up with good 2v3 strats is kind of fun, but it is much more fun playing against a human opponent.

Nice! Which other pets do you like to pair up with the Runt?

I don't think it matters too much what you pair him up with. Besides the obvious choice of a Blizzard team, he is a good stand-alone type pet. His deadly sequence of moves means you don't want to be stuck facing him 1v1 at the end of a battle.

I don't really like using the runt, but there are a few other solo artist type pets in 5.2 I've found to be useful. Electrified Razortooth can root, bleed, then blood in the water, most pets are almost dead at this point. Zandalari Biters/Nibblers can Black Claw/Expose Wounds then use Hunting Party. The latter isn't as deadly because there's no root, but if you are stuck 1v1 at the end you're in trouble.

I can't really say I like this trend. I prefer to create teams with synergy rather than just throw three good pets together. If we get more solo artist type pets creating good teams becomes less of a factor.
Ya know... you can actually queue for pvp pet battles...

I'm not sure what makes you think I don't do that from what I posted.

I'm currently working on my 1000 PvP pet battle victory achievement all done through the queue system.

That really has nothing to do w/ someone saying not to balance PvP pet battles at all so that the easiest part of pet battling remains untouched. <.<
I really like that he has 2 distinct modes of attack --the beastie type and the frosty type. That coupled with the humanoid healing passive makes him one of my go-to pets for stone farming and general battles in the wild.

I used to favor the Flayer Youngling but now that Reflection is gone (no more using it on Toothbreaker during Sons of the Root :( ) The 'Runt is my thug of choice.
It was bound to happen, even with Surrender mia.

2x Kun-Lai Runt and Wolpertinger. People just love to exploit broken mechanics. Sleeping gas isn't working properly with resilience. I was chain cc'd four times in a row by sleeping gas. And Kun-Lai runt is still ignoring Arcane Winds. Haven't seen it lately but it's probably still ignoring critter racial. I'm sure 3x Runt are coming soon to a meta game near you.

Blizzard did such a good job of balancing for 5.2. I hope they don't let this pet run rampant for the whole patch like they did with FFF in 5.1 (not saying that the runt is as bad as FFF).

I'm still not asking for a nerf yet, just fix these things so we can see these pets working properly.
Is there going to be epic or legendary pets coming out? And i know, the rare battle pets you find around Pandaria are legendary but not capturable, when will we get capturable legendary or epic pets soon? D:
I think he is cute and I like that he is loud and stompy.
And Kun-Lai runt is still ignoring Arcane Winds. Haven't seen it lately but it's probably still ignoring critter racial.

Can confirm it is still ignoring Arcane Winds and Critter racial.

I honestly didn't realize that the Critter racial was always supposed to make it immune to 1-turn stuns, I just assumed that the Critter racial only proc'd once while the Critter pet was the active pet until I read that Deep Freeze was simply ignoring the racial.

When it gets fixed, I imagine more people will just use Thrash in the first slot, as the Deep Freeze / Takedown combo only works against players who are new to PvP pet battles or when the Runt is squaring off against the last pet.
He is one of my favorites! Cute is not what some of us like... prefer MEAN looking pets!
I've been using him for a while now. Always did find him quite appealing.
He is my go to pet for all critters and always in my battles. Can't help but to make him giant as well too fun :D
I'm a huge fan of the Runt. When it all comes down to brute force, he's my main man. Especially when I have to deal with the Critter Beasts of Fable.

I actually have two who I tend to use back to back when the only goal is "smash things." Andre (the Giant) and George (the Animal)...

He's not a subtle pet, but he's awesome.

Oh, and when you use the pet biscuits, he's freaking HUGE. Like, practically night elf sized. Certainly twice as big as a gnome. I wish I could get him to fight mobs for me.
He's a good pet in PVE that's about it... I laugh at all the people crying for nerfs saying it's so OP in PVP Pet Battles. 19/20 times i spank teams with them..And several times been against teams with 3 of them. There one of the weakest pets now because there so predictable you always know exactly what there doing and what their trying too do. Every time i see a team with a Runt i automatically assume there bad and normally are.

Any sort of ability to Soul Ward/Phase Shift/Blind it's GG to Runt.

Gregarious Grell alone can solo them.
Magic Lamp - Blind - Flash ----- Your runt is already 3/4 dead..In most cases didnt even do damage to me yet.
How about fixing the Runts Deep Freeze. Right now the critter racial wont remove it, like it should.
How about fixing the Runts Deep Freeze. Right now the critter racial wont remove it, like it should.
I can beat the runt 19/20 times, too. That is if I have a team that's good against the runt. The problem is that in most cases the runt player will leave his pet until last, forcing a 1v1 showdown.

Yes, it's extremely predictable. Who cares when it can Frost Shock -> Deep Freeze -> Takedown. You get one move off before it does 1100 ish damage to you. If you are a lot faster you will get two moves off before this combo (since after Frost Shock you will still be faster). Not as bad in that case, but usually you are giving up a lot of power for that speed. My point here is that in a 1v1 situation the runt is too powerful. Any smart player will save it to the end.

And of course you will have the people who say "My team of pets x, y, and z owns the runt, l2p." Any experienced pet batter can put together a counter team, it's not about that. The problem is when a pet becomes so prevalent that you have to start bringing counters. At this point it is ruining the meta, as it is with my meta.

I don't think the 10% chance to stun reduction will make that much of a difference. Maybe if they fix the bugs it'll help.
I don't think the 10% chance to stun reduction will make that much of a difference. Maybe if they fix the bugs it'll help.

They are fixing it.
My little Kun-Lai Runt is adorable no matter what you guys say! :3 And he absolutely thrashes anything in his path, love it >:D
I quite like him. He reminds me of Michael Jackson's pet monkey... Except with horns... and kinda 'Roided out.

So I named him Epic Bubbles.

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