<Mental> Looking For More Members

We are looking for more members as the thread suggests !

We are hoping to put a raiding group together so we would love people of all ilvls to come join us. I am really wanting to push for progression and we need you ! If you are down on gear we can all help to gear up. We are a fun bunch and always laughing, but when it comes down to the bosses we are completely serious.

I am often putting together and leading raids for the world bosses (Sha of Anger, Oondasta etc) and had a few people wanting me to make a guild.

So here we are welcoming all players who want to come and enjoy all this game has to offer.

I am putting a team together for 25 man runs, but will run 10's if we don't have enough yet.

We are only but a small guild now but watch this space and we will see all the other guilds at the head of the race !!

Please if you have any questions post below or mail me in game, i would love to have a chat to you.

Still looking fore more members, so far had a couple of great additions.
can you please tell me raidtimes
my alt^
We are looking at around 11pm server time - 4am server time.

This is only a rough estimation as it will flex to suit players

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