Engineer RP Sets?

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I didn't know where to put this so here it is. I have made a human female engineering character for RP purposes. I'm terrible at ideas for sets so what are some good suggestions? I've been thinking of goggles and maybe an arclight spanner of some sort? My character can wear all armor types so it's easier.
Here is a great site for rp outfits. You can get most of the engineering stuff from being an engineer, but some of these drops are kind of fun.
For some reason my tinkerer suit is a set of goggles (circa BC) and the male brewfest chest thing. I have no idea why.
What I normally use for my own engineer set is this:

Head: Master Engineer's Goggles, Craftsman's Monocle or Green Lens
Chest: Mixologist's Tunic
Shirt: Gilnean Adventurer's Shirt
Belt: Dusky Belt or any look-alikes
Legs: Duskwoven Pants
Feet: Duskwoven Sandals
Wrists: Duskwoven Bracers
Hands: Lion-Stamped Gloves
Main Hand: Arclight Spanner
Off Hand: Kobold Candle;10504;4393

I put in the other two helms so you can switch and compare to see which you prefer most.
The Mage T13 sets looks absolutely fantastic, if that's an option on that toon. If not, I can't say. That set though. I'm so jealous of it.

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