[Holy] How much do you sacrifice for 4p t14?

Hey all,

Title pretty much says it all. By using 4p t14 I'm losing about 800 spirit (I have 522 t15 gloves) and 300 intellect. How much raw stats would you guys sacrifice to keep 4 sec holy shock?

I haven't gotten any gear because I pass it all since the 4 set is soo damn good. Well, I did get a helmet...one day I'll use.
When your t15 upgrades will increase your healing to a point that you are equal to or more than the healing bonus that the t14 provides. Just hypothetical numbers here but say that;

T14 increases your overall healing by 10%
When the Intellect upgrades and T15 set bonus will increase your overall healing by 10% or more, that's when you swap.

Until someone actually does the theory crafting though, that's up to you to determine.

I didn't drop my t14 until I got t15 4pc and it was still a painful transition. But I'm getting used to it. I wouldn't drop it until you get all 4
T-14 is worth, depending upon Holy Shock usage, about 5k Spirit or the throughput equivalent, i.e. 10% throughput. You will not get this without all four T-15 pieces, so until then, you keep what you have.

If you DO have T-15 four piece, however, I've estimated it as a 4-5% throughput increase. Simple to check: Look at your logs. Find out your Beacon healing and increase it by 20%. Look at your Daybrek healing and increase that by 50%. This is the maximum you will get. For example, If your Beacon heals for 10% of your healing and Daybreak is 4%, then you've gained 2% + 2% = 4%

This is a maximum because extra healing in either case is going to dip into Overheal to a much greater degree. I run 10-man, though, and in a 25-man group you'll likely get better returns on Daybreak at the least.

Even assuming you can get as much as 5%, this is still the equivalent of (half of T-14...) 2,500 Spirit/Int. Which, depending upon what iLevel your T-14 pieces are, is probably only possible with a full upgrade. 483 LFR to 502 LFR, or 496 normal to 522 Normal, etc. And even then, it'd probably be luke-warm.

Ideally? Keep both sets. Use T-15 set on any raid boss with tons of of Holy Radiance usage (Jin'rohk) OR on a fight where AoE healing is vital (Megaera). Use T-14 otherwise.
Well, the daybreak set bonus is kind of misleading because you get less holy shocks off after holy radiances so your daybreak healing really won't go up, but the beacon turned out to be extremely rewarding.

My rotation has changed quite a bit since the switch, since in t14 we built a lot more HP keeping EF up on multiple targets was pretty simple, you may have to be more selective regarding that but with 4pc your Holy light heals 120% to your beacon target which is pretty amazing + the EF hot on yourself getting buffed in 5.2 means a hot on yourself is 1.2 EF hot on beacon.

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