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Earthen Ring
Standing in the Buff is currently growing and seeking new members for social enjoyment while leveling. We provide vent and a guild website for convenience, as well as participate with each other in dungeons and quests. We are seeking to grow to include a raid team.

The guild purpose is to provide an enjoyable social atmosphere and cooperation within the environment of the game, providing opportunities to make new friends and reach new achievements together. All aspects of play have some representation in our ranks, pve/pvp/achievement hunting / leveling alts / etc.

Come grow our guild with us, enjoy hanging out, help us keep the game fun.

Send a mail or pst to Fourchinkuki
Actually, if you would like a direct contact point, you can reach me on any of my army of toons: Sefiya, Navineh, Avatea. I have many more but are usually on one of the three.

I'll be happy to chat and/or, if I'm just running around sniffing random people in Stormwind, run a dungeon or two. :)
You can also reach me, either with a pst or mail. I'll be happy to help. We are running dungeons and scenarios on a daily basis lately. Join us if you want to see how we are.
Just wanted to point that we absolutely welcome new players. :D It can get scary and overwhelming learning the game on your own. We'll be happy to show you the ropes! A bunch of us even rolled new characters just to run dungeons with our lower level guildies.

We enjoy connecting with our guild members. The game's novelty can wear off. It's the people who keep this game fresh and new and we always keep that in mind. :)

I won't lie. As we are a small guild now, it can get quiet at times. It's mostly because a lot of us are working adults and can only log on during the evenings. We try to be on as often as possible to make sure our guildies are doing well and having fun.

SO, if you have any questions please feel free to post here or find one of us in game. We'd love to meet you!
Your guild name sounds like an AIE subgroup.
We are not. :) While the guild tag might seem a little lackluster to some, I find it kinda fun.

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