A Villain's Pledge

Wyrmrest Accord
*Waves hand*

I have questions~!

What is the definition of evil?
What if your alignment is several shades of black and white but mostly in-between?
What if you're not /objectively/ evil, but you follow the traits of it in the benefit of all?
Does doing evil things make you objectively evil?
Is not following the path of the Light, shamanism, or any sustained idealisms of Azeroth metagamey/godmodish?

Serious questions :<

Worthwhile questions and a thread in their own right, but really not what this one's about. This is a thread chiefly about the IC/OOC divide and how to navigate it while engaging in the emotionally charged atmosphere that frequently comes when RPing an antagonist. Whatever the motivations of your character, how you interact with your fellow players should be the same in any of these situations.

That said, these are interesting issues you bring up and I'd love it if someone makes a thread to discuss them. Villains, as I noted above, are the things that drive stories, and explorations into the subtle shades and myriad manifestations of villainy can help us all as storytellers and roleplayers.
Shouldn't we request for sticky

I did.
The Confederacy is watching

I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be then me.

Gosh darnit this line makes me tear up every freaking time.


I think my lowbie Araekni is probably going to be a Villain/Antagonist down the line, though really it will depend on who you are for her to be defined as such. The effects of the invasion of The Darkspear Isles and The Darkspear Rebellion will stick with her and make her lash out against those she feels are a threat to her tribe. So this is a really nice reminder of how to reinforce that line.
Impressive, this deserves a toast.
I appreciate the positive feedback on this very much! However, it wasn't meant to be definitive. I'm sure others have thoughts on the subject, which I would be interested in hearing.
Sticky requested! <3
I am bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad.
I am bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad.

Y'all are making me actually want to see that...
Y'all are making me actually want to see that...

It is best movie.

Seriously, just <3

And my standards are ridiculously high! As in- usually after a movie I complain for about 5 minutes before I get to the good stuff, and that's when I pick the movie and it has passed my initial "is this even good enough to see?" test. Wreck It Ralph was two sentences of bad before I was gushing.

I mean, it's a kid movie that hits on the importance of taking care of people, ALL people, and that doing so actually improves our own lives. It's a story about being who you are. It has the Princess rejecting the Princess title in a no drama, no biggie way!


Yeah, I love that movie.

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